Stone Series by Yaxell 9.5" Bread Knifesearch

Stone Series by Yaxell 9.5" Bread Knife

Stone Series by Yaxell 9.5" Bread Knife

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Sent yesterday, expected arrival date July 19. Only three weeks for shipping. ...NICE!

You gotta love MD
i need to complete my serie, please put it on again...
It's on again, and it's had a big price drop!

The carving knife too, I kinda feel bad for anyone that bought these during earlier drops.
Will this come with the lifetime warranty?
what's with the weird "bolster" at the heel? how far past the teeth does it extend?
I can't think of a functional use for that. Looks like they removed to much metal when making the serrations and didn't regrind the heel to match. Will probably lead to bread slices that don't quite make it through the bottom crust.
"Slice through day-old baguettes ...."

I use kitchen shears to do this, cutting around the crust and then cutting the middle, or just yanking it apart.
John Wick bread knife.
When I am sawing slices of bread like logs in the forest, I trust nothing can get the job done but my Stone Series Bread Knife. Don't settle for less.

This knife is like the barbarian of bread knives. FK BA :D
Have you compared it to the Tojiro F-687?
That's what I have, and have been very happy with it for the most part, have liked the wavy cut teeth over the usual sharp pointed ones, as well as the slight curve to the blade. Only complaint is it steers pretty bad on long cuts, like with splitting melons, but i assume most bread knives do with the single sided bevel.

But it's so boring looking in comparison to this one! I just don't know if it's really that worthwhile to look at replacing it based on looks alone, for how little I really use it
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