CustomArt Massdrop Exclusive - Ei.XX CIEMsearch

CustomArt Massdrop Exclusive - Ei.XX CIEM

CustomArt Massdrop Exclusive - Ei.XX CIEM

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I missed this drop. May I know how much was the drop roughly? And when will there be another drop for these babies? Thanks.
This product has been discontinued and replaced by newer version - see here:
I absolutely love them. These are the first CIEMs that my Tera player can drive without an amp and the sound is amaizing. Thank you Custom Art!
Thanks! Glad to hear that you enjoy them!
Thank you! ūüėė These sound really amazing. (good bass)
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Mine are universals. I gave up on customs a long time ago. Extra costs, long wait time, poor fit, low resale value.
Thank you kindly for your feedback! Enjoy!
When can we expect to be contacted for the design of the iem?
I'm so sad I missed these since this was the last run.

but thankfully there's the Fibae 2. whenever I can, I'm definitely going to get a set.
I'm sure it was already answered someplace but I'm going to ask again. If I want the custom version
1-Will I need the Add Silicone Earplugs Option? If yes what does it do?
2-I have already went to an audiologist here but the material she used for the impressions was not acrylic but some sort of a cross between sponge and rubber. Will that be ok?
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Thank you for the quick reply.
1-Understood now, those are kinda of a separate product that you guys could also do if you have one's ear impressions.
2-I have called the audiologist and indeed she is using Dreve. She wasn't sure about the material but she knew the name of the company.
Now I already had my ear impressions made maybe 1 year ago plus silicone ear plugs.
New questios
a-Are those impressions still ok to work with or should i make new ones?
b- Should I send also the ear plugs? Would that help?

Re A: Please send us pictures to typically Dreve's material are very stable and don't change over time. So we could use them as long as they are up to our standard.
RE B: No
Will this ship from EU?
Yes, from Poland.
Ships from Poland, no taxes within EU
Anyone have a proper picture of the universals? do they come with tips?
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Ok, Thanks.
Thank you! They are amazing!!
how do these compare to the fibae2?
Ei.xx has definitely more bass and more recessed mids. It's also more fun and thicker sounding, while F2 is more balanced and has more open soundstage. Obviously FIBAE2 has an advantage of its technology and stable sound signature practically independent from sound source.