Da Luca 2-Piece Ballistic Nylon NATO Strap (2-Pack)
Da Luca 2-Piece Ballistic Nylon NATO Strap (2-Pack)

Super-Tough Straps & Optional Apple Watch Adapter

These two-piece NATO watch straps are as tough as they come. Each one is made of super-heavy-duty ballistic nylon to offer strong, long-lasting support for your favorite timepiece. And you can customize just about everything, from the color (there are 10 to choose from!) to the hardware and the width. You can even pair your strap with an Apple Watch—just add the optional strap adapter. Made exactly to Apple’s watch lug specifications, it comes in five metallic hues and two sizes to suit both the 38mm and 42mm models.

Note: This drop is for two straps in your choice of width, color, and hardware. For an additional $15, you can add an Apple Watch strap adapter in your choice of width and color.

Da Luca 2-Piece Ballistic Nylon NATO Strap (2-Pack)
Da Luca 2-Piece Ballistic Nylon NATO Strap (2-Pack)

Color & Hardware Options

Blue - Black PVD
Brown - Black PVD
Goldfinger - Black PVD
Green - Black PVD
Orange - Black PVD
Red - Black PVD
Red, White, Blue - Black PVD
White - Black PVD
Yellow - Black PVD
Blue - Polished
Bond - Polished
Brown - Polished
Goldfinger - Polished
Green - Polished
Orange - Polished
Red - Polished
Red, White, Blue - Poished
White - Polished
Yellow - Polished

Apple Watch Strap Options (+ $15)

Rose Gold
Space Gray


  • Da Luca 2-Piece Watch Strap
  • Material: Ballistic nylon
  • Length: 140mm / 80mm
  • Width options: 18, 20, 22, 24, or 26 mm
  • Color options: Blue, Bond, brown, Goldfinger, green, orange, red, red/white/blue, white, or yellow
  • Hardware options: Black PVD or matte stainless steel
  • Optional Apple Watch Strap Adapter
  • Width options: For 38mm Apple Watch (fits 22mm strap) or 42mm Apple Watch (fits 24mm strap)
  • Color options: Black, gold, gray, rose gold, or space graya


  • 2 watch straps


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Estimated ship date is Nov 3, 2017 PT.

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