Da Luca 2-Piece Ballistic Nylon Strap (2-Pack)search

Da Luca 2-Piece Ballistic Nylon Strap (2-Pack)

Da Luca 2-Piece Ballistic Nylon Strap (2-Pack)

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Does this fit the Casio F91W? I have a couple of them but their resin straps are broken. Can anyone confirm if this fits? Thanks.
Casio F91W has 18mm lug width, so select that size when ordering.

I had previously ordered this drop and and got the bond style strap, and the parts that seem to be white on this drop were a tan color. Is this new one actually black and white? Cause I'll reorder for black/white.
Bond is black/grey
okay thank you.
Countycomm has these straps for $7 and better quality. Yayyyyy massdrop
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Thanks man but I’m gonna buy 3 for the price of 1 on countycomm and get it in 3 days. Kind of a no-braine. Tnx again
Just as a reminder, the $24.99 price gives you a 2 pack of our straps so they are essentially $12.50 each on this drop.
How thick is the nylon?
Approx 1.6mm
Are your products 100% made in the USA ? Your website doesn't really mention that, Skirts the topic but not expressed where they are made.
Made it Europe
How does one measure or determine the width of the band for a specific watch?
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Google your brand of watch.
You look at your watch model, and see how thick is the strap it uses.
Not trying to add to the confusion but the hardware is technically ZULU and not NATO. It is also not clear in the pictures is a piece of nylon goes under the watch case. If not, then I would consider it a 2-piece ZULU strap. Which is completely fine with me as I prefer the rounded hardware but I'm just trying to clarify things for myself. Thanks!
I indicated my choices and my payment (PayPal) but the Join Drop is still greyed. Why?
Never mind, I figured it out...
We have just been notified by MD that this drop limits 1x adapter per drop and the ability to amend this drop to add a 2nd adapter is not possible at this time. In order to help out with the 2nd adapter we have gone ahead and created a promo code to use on our website which will save you $5 per adapter (making each adapter go from $20 to $15) and will allow you to purchase the adapter at the same cost as on here. Simply click the link below, use the promo code to checkout and we will process your order as quick as we can.


Promo Code: ilovemassdrop

Let us know if you have any issues and we hope you love these straps/adapters once you receive them.

Is this still possible?
Does this code still work?