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Da Luca Handmade Leather Notepad

Da Luca Handmade Leather Notepad

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Hi I bought the Da-Luca notebook Leather Notepad on a whim,I am very pleased.I find it to be very well made and a pleasure to hold in my hands.

What happens if the elastic breaks, is it easily replaceable?
Yes, it is easily replaceable. We back all of our work and can either send you what you need to fix it free of charge or we will fix it for you. Up until now we have not had any issues with the elastic breaking.
Which color notepad would develop the most distinguished patina over time?
Most Patina to Least Patina

1. Natural Essex
2. Natural Dublin
3. Natural Chromexcel
4. Brown Chromexcel
5. Black Chromexcel
We wanted to make the refill pack information clear, that it comes with 3x individual notepads per refill pack, which is an add on at checkout. 1 single field notes notepad comes with each DA LUCA notepad order.
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