Da Luca One-Piece Nylon Watch Strap (2-Pack)search

Da Luca One-Piece Nylon Watch Strap (2-Pack)

Da Luca One-Piece Nylon Watch Strap (2-Pack)

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Hey everyone, sorry about the confusion on the last drop. We had messed up pricing in switching the drop from a one pack to a two pack and will be relaunching it shortly.
No 21mm?
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We do offer custom 21mm wide leather 1 piece straps through our website.
I own 6 daluca straps leather and nylon and I just want to say they are all premium no cheap stuff well worth the price and with the md discount it's a no brainer honestly daluca is a very good company guys don't be afraid of trying their products everyone and it looks like from the comments they have very good customer service it's a win win with daluca
Missed out on some sweet nato straps while on vacation... damn. Love this brand, I hope these drop again.
Just an FYI that they're back!
55 purchases this drop and somehow black is out of stock... How on earth is that possible
We had to go conservative on the blanket quantity # per sku as some skus have much less in stock and we wouldn’t be able to fulfill all of the orders if the # sold exceeded the # in stock. We hope this helps.
These (300mm) nato straps are for LARGE wrists. I was hoping that this was more clearly advertised. By any standard wrist-size chart, this would be for wrists that are in the large-xl range and will NOT look good on anyone with a smaller wrist.

Cutting down these straps is an option, but buying one that fits your wrist is probably the better one. Too bad since the Da Luca Nato that I purchased was very good quality, if only they offered one for a more average wrist size (something closer to 280mm range).
The one piece version aka 3 ring design is 270mm in length. The longer 5 ring version that you mentioned is meant to be long so you can fold it back in on itself.
What is the thickness of the straps? I've found that if they are too thick (over 1.4mm), I cannot fit them between the springbar and the watch case.
Right around 1.4mm. They are a tighter fit vs the thinner cheaper nylon straps but generally work with almost every watch out there (even most vintage watches!). Sometimes you will need to flip the watch over and press the bars directly into the nylon vs sliding it on to make it fit.
Thanks, nice trick. I'll keep that in mind, never thought of pressing the bars directly into the nylon.
The Hungarian entrepreneur at Phenome Nato has what look to be some really nice, high qualiaty straps, only in four colors, but there really are only six or eight colors/patterns of these kind of straps that are in any way tasteful.
Are these made in California? That is, the cutting, hole punching, heat sealing? Is the webbing made in the U.S.?

Watch gecko.com zuludiver straps are the bomb and 300mm long for those of us with larger wrists.
Our nylon nato straps are 300mm long
Guys, better selection at cheapestnatostraps.com
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We have been selling these for many years and have had nearly zero issues with any of them over that time period. They are rock solid and we back them if they do have an issue just like all of our products. We are in business solely because of our customers and we never forget that. Our straps at this price are a great value and we even added on colors that we never offer much, if any, of a discount. That saying is very true, you get what you pay for and we wholeheartedly believe it as we do our best to make and offer products that last.
Yes, thanks for the link. Just placed an order. Amazing selection particularly for my Orient Bambinos with 21mm lug width. Yes, I have more than one.