Dibs on Dabs
Even though everybody loves nature’s herbs (how could you not?), the side effects of traditional consumption are too great to be ignored. Your friends are into dabs and concentrates, which cut out the tar and condense the active ingredients, but you aren’t particularly fond of any process that requires a blowtorch. Well bud, we’ve got just the solution for you: the DabJoy Electric Ti Nail Package.
Harold and Kumar Go to the Future
The basis for any dabbing rig is a heating element placed in the female of a waterpipe. Usually heated by a butane torch, once you’ve reached optimal temperature, you throw on a glass dome, drizzle down some concentrate, and take your hit. The DabJoy works much the same way, with two important distinctions: no dome and no torch.
Get Fired Up Without the Flame

DabJoy jettisoned the dome by engineering the Vapor Channel through the center of the Solid titanium nail, this allows the vapor to naturally flow down through the pipe instead of requiring a shepherd. As for the lack of flame, ceramic heating elements form the core of the nail itself. Additionally, the DabJoy is engineered and designed to utilize either a 14mm, 18mm or a 14/18mm female adapter to give you optimal flexibility with your glass products. The DabJoy Electric Ti Nail is easily plugged into the Dabjoy digital controller through a flexible 60" cable to help prevent tipping your glass products and enhancing your dabbing experience. Depending on your voltage requirements, customers can choose between the 120V and 240V options during the checkout process.

Safe and Sound
Sprinkling in even more safety, the Digital Controller will automatically shut down after a period of time just in case you forget to turn it off. Ti Nail includes 14mm, 18mm and a 14/18mm Female that provides the flexibility with your glass products and with the option to use Butane, the DabJoy is unsurpassed with safety and flexibility. Simple to operate, extremely durable, and as customizable as you need, the DabJoy Electric Ti Nail Package gives you the best aspects of Dabbing while sparing you the worst part of the preparation.
  • Made in the USA
  • 120V for US
  • 240V for Overseas
  • Made with Grade 2 Titanium
  • Temperature range from 392°F to 840°F (200°C - 450°C)
    Electric Domeless Ti Nail with 4 attachments:
    • 14mm Glass Adapter
    • 18mm Glass Adapter
    • 14/18mm Female Cup Adapter
    • Torch Cap (For added flexibility with Butane)
  • DabJoy Digital Controller
  • 60” (152.4 cm) flex cable with Military Style Connectors
  • DabJoy Ti Dabbing Tool
  • Travel Case
  • Conveniently built in handle for safety and control

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