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CEntrance DACport LX USB DAC

CEntrance DACport LX USB DAC

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Highly Engineered, Simple Operation

CEntrance DACport LX USB DAC

The People Have Spoken

From Head-Fi members to John Atkinson of Stereophile Magazine, the DACport LX has garnered nothing but stellar reviews. Here are some excerpts to give you an idea for the community's response:

“Superb Audio Engineering in Analog and Digital Domains” - John Atkinson (Stereophile Magazine)

“Music never sounded so good. Natural sounds, beautiful and precise instrument separation, the most important thing is balance nothing overwhelms neither the Bass or the treble” - Head-Fi Reviewer

Link to the Head-Fi page here.

CEntrance DACport LX USB DAC


  • D/A converter plays 24-bit/96 kHz HD music with bit-perfect accuracy
  • No drivers needed; plug and play operation with most laptops, nettops and music servers
  • CEntrance's AdaptiWave High Resolution USB audio technology offers true 24-bit / 96kHz audio quality, eliminating any re-sampling artifacts in the OS
  • For 16-bit soundcards, Windows may downgrade 24-bit audio files to 16-bits, adding noise. DACport is a 24-bit device, ensuring that Windows sends it audio with no changes, "bit-for-bit," at all supported sample rates


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