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Danger Zone SA Keycap Set

Danger Zone SA Keycap Set

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Love the shape, colour, and material. Missing for me is ISO keys (especially that large Return-key, and Nordic characters (ÅÄÖ...). If they come as options in the next drop my money is yours.
looking for a set to fill my Nightfox Truefox layout! Hit me up at lucas@lucasho.org ... thanks! :)
I am coining money for buying.....
I'm toying with the possibility of running Round 2 in a sculpted profile, probably 112343. Here are a couple of renders, graciously provided by Oblotzky, so you can see the difference.

You can help me decide by participating in this Google survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKpjp_NrZZijBdUSvdocqffqD4MQL8UAVB23oCaPnmS6kSwg/viewform

There are a couple more renders in the Imgur album here: https://imgur.com/a/co1oI

Thanks for looking!
I voted for the flat profile so I can buy the kits I missed on the first round. If sculpted wins I hope the flats are still available as options.
Is Round 2 still a possibility? I would love to grab this set.
new to massdrop, but as far as I can see, thousands request a thing... why does it take so long to make the repeat runs? the requests means there's no potential money loss, why the slowness?
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Do you happen to know approximately when are we gonna have a redrop again?
increases !-> their; 1 != 2.
For round 2 can we get a set that isn't all row 3 profile? That kind of makes SA useless.
So it has been suggested that we might see a Round 2 this year, probably around the Q4 timeframe. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for a revival... and you just might get your wish in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates!
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Q4 is so far! But, cannot wait!
Getting closer!!! Really hoping this releases this year!
R2 pls
I've been ready for at least a year... Have bought two sub-par sets because I gave up on this one but if it ever re-runs I just hope I don't miss the email!
Its time to rerun the drop ! I am ready ! Are You ready ?
Learn spelling and punctuation.
So rude ))
Not gonna lie... After seeing a typewriter with keys very similar to DSA... I personally wouldn't mind it if an eventual second run of these were done in DSA or XDA.