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Danger Zone SA Keycap Set

Danger Zone SA Keycap Set

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take a deep breath... it will happen sooner or later...
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At the bay area meetup yesterday, MT3 God speed was confirmed as launching in December. They even had prototypes on display

Oh damn I would love if godspeed drops again. I have the godspeed mat so it would go well on my Kira
Love the shape, colour, and material. Missing for me is ISO keys (especially that large Return-key, and Nordic characters (ÅÄÖ...). If they come as options in the next drop my money is yours.
looking for a set to fill my Nightfox Truefox layout! Hit me up at lucas@lucasho.org ... thanks! :)
I am coining money for buying.....
I'm toying with the possibility of running Round 2 in a sculpted profile, probably 112343. Here are a couple of renders, graciously provided by Oblotzky, so you can see the difference.


You can help me decide by participating in this Google survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKpjp_NrZZijBdUSvdocqffqD4MQL8UAVB23oCaPnmS6kSwg/viewform
There are a couple more renders in the Imgur album here: https://imgur.com/a/co1oI
Thanks for looking!
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Is Round 2 still a possibility? I would love to grab this set.
I'm looking forward to the next round.
Please check if you can add the following that was not part of the last drop: - E button with homing bump in the Maverick Pack. (can be used for the Neo layout http://neo-layout.org) - yellow 1u Enter key cap for the Planck keyboard
new to massdrop, but as far as I can see, thousands request a thing... why does it take so long to make the repeat runs? the requests means there's no potential money loss, why the slowness?
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Do you happen to know approximately when are we gonna have a redrop again?
increases !-> their; 1 != 2.
For round 2 can we get a set that isn't all row 3 profile? That kind of makes SA useless.
So it has been suggested that we might see a Round 2 this year, probably around the Q4 timeframe. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for a revival... and you just might get your wish in 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates!
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Q4 is so far! But, cannot wait!
Getting closer!!! Really hoping this releases this year!
R2 pls
I've been ready for at least a year... Have bought two sub-par sets because I gave up on this one but if it ever re-runs I just hope I don't miss the email!
Its time to rerun the drop ! I am ready ! Are You ready ?
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So rude ))
No, the wrong one (you) is the rude one.
Not gonna lie... After seeing a typewriter with keys very similar to DSA... I personally wouldn't mind it if an eventual second run of these were done in DSA or XDA.
A rerun please.
Anyone want a 104-key?
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Still interested here.
Still wanna buy, let me know
c'mon why haven't more than 34 people voted for DZ caps??
If a little more than 1/2 of everyone that has requested voted here: https://www.massdrop.com/vote/signature-plastics-keycaps/result we'd have it!
Still impatiently waiting here... Just can't imagine them not doing another drop with the amount of interest.
Any info where we are on the Massdrop schedule?
Is there a timeframe for this drop coming back? Or will we be waiting for years to get our hands on Danger Zone?
This is the only keycaps set on here that I would actually buy. Hope they come around sometime soon.
I must keep an eye out for this set, it's just too rad not to own. I'm not sure how long it has been since the last drop but I'm not going to miss the next one... I bet Kenny Loggins is typing out lyrics on his custom Danger Zone set as we speak! Hehe...
"Revvin' up your engine... Listen to her howlin' roar"
I need this set to drop again, I regret missing out on the ergodox modifiers (even if they were incorrectly sent out in blue the first time) - this is all I could manage to do thus far. Need a few more blanks!
I need that *points-at-this-photo*...
I see some of these popped up in the Massdrop "Capatoa" event.... Aaaand they're gone...
My brother is currently in (USAF) pilot training, this would be a perfect gift! I really hope this set comes back soon!
Tell me about it. I will be in USAF pilot training in a year or so. I want this set more than anything.
I m looking for this kit For so long.
Has there been any rumors of a new round for this?
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This is great news. I made an inquiry w/ SP ~ 6 months ago and the response was they did not have the designers permission to rerun. Based off the responses in the thread, this is no longer an obstacle. I barely missed the first drop. Looking forward to a second this year.
Data, any update on roughly when Danger Zone round 2 will happen? I am assuming after SA Carbon and SA oblivion? The few set available on Massdrop in March was gone in 30 second. Apparently I was just not fast enough on clicking on the buy button... Really looking forward to this showing up this year.
Well, I finally got my number pad plates! Here's a preliminary picture of my keyboard, both split and joined.Since taking these pics, I've put on a few of the keys from he Wingman pack on, rather than the generic mod keys. Also reoriented the War and ☮ buttons vertically, to get some color symmetry with he enter key. I still need to wire the number pad, make a bottom panel, and program it.

Still no Master Arm...
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text very nice keyboard
holy f
Nothing yet for the replacement keys.