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DAREU EK820 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard

DAREU EK820 87-Key Mechanical Keyboard

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A warning to everyone: it's a shitty keyboard, don't buy. In the course of last months I was using it I found all types of issues: disconnects, phantom keys pressing, control keys get deactivated etc. It is usable, looks nice, pleasant to type, but because of the random issues all the time it is so much annoying to deal with!
choc Brown pleaaaaaase !
I cancelled my order. Could not find a good reason to order from MD at around 15% premium compared to Amazon, where the return is much easier if needed.
I'd have gone with the havit as well, but it only comes with blue switches, which I despise.
Is this board a https://www.prohavit.com/products/hv-kb390l-low-profile-mechanical-keyboard/ knock off? I'm legitimately asking because the build quality doesn't seem to be as good as the Havit yet this board costs more...
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These come in Reds hence it shall be far more quiet than Blues. Reds are really hard to come by when it comes to these type of switches.
My brother-in-law just bought a Havit and the blue switches in it are super quiet compared to standard Cherry blues. I would compare them to the sound of brown switches where you can tell someone is typing but it's not over the top.
Are the keycaps doubleshot?
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From the pictures supplied (haven't got these type of keyboards in my possession) looks to be double injected simply because it isn't painted like the normal light through key-caps, shown on the bigger/larger profiles.

It has two layers applied which can only be done via plastic injection or maybe some kind of new layering effect of first making the base of the key-cap in a white material then a Black layer is overlaid on top. Will have to see up close if these key-caps are lasered showing the underneath white colour but I doubt it, due to the very low amount of plastic used. Double injection seems to be the ONLY logical solution here.

Unless someone has the Havit keyboard in front of them to either confirm or deny my guess....
Trust me you get use this type of behaviour from MassDrop.

It's not the exception but the Rule, when it comes to keeping customers/buyers in the dark about any product they are selling here.

Before this ends, I might pull out as well saving another DEAD sale in my transaction list for this year. I get sick of seeing it constantly when a Group Buy fails, which keeps reminding me of it 24/7 when ever a see my transactions thus far.
Thought I would give these a try. Always on the hunt for new type of switches, especially both the Blues and Reds.

Quite cheap to buy, comparing to the cost of keyboards normally sold here on MassDrop (not making any negative criticism here).
This thing seems to have Bluetooth
the one in this drop doesnt have this Connect LED
The current drop is wired, we're working on a wireless ver.

looks like the same thing with a different label?
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I'm addressing a criticism that when everyone points to something on Amazon they assume that they stock all the options (hint: They don't.)

Amazon doesn't carry the Red switches so if you sure if you want Blues head over to Amazon, but if you want Reds here they are.
That is why I'm here to get me some REDs.

Also wished they would supply some Browns and the new Clear switch which is also in this same style. Some variety in very low profiled switches which have been for years dominated by the Cherry Corp standard.
Why no browns tho
"RRP 109:"
Bullshit. Real RRP: $69. Come on... some integrity wouldn't kill you
They only sell it online, and they sell it for $59 on Amazon. Retail price of "$109" is either Dareu flat out lying, or someone making up an estimate and being horribly wrong.
Welcome to Massdrop, the website where MSRP is made up and the comments don't matter.