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Dark Lord Helmet Artisan Keycap

Dark Lord Helmet Artisan Keycap


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It was a tight fit, uncomfortably so actually - but now that it's on, it looks and feels good.
Got my Azure Dark Lord, has a very tight stem fitting. Can't wait for the Trooper drop.
Not recommended for high profile cases! If you bottom down the vader cap the shape of the helmet makes it stuck!
Ps. Willing to sell. Pm me on reddit (krasztest01)
Dark Lord on my Pok3r:
Woah a shipping notice!
Oh wow, you added black! Awesome!!
I can’t decide between glossy or matted black.... damn both looks gd
You guys actually listened and added black! Awesome work guys :)
Thanks for adding black!
Hey guys,

Working with our creative team to add on the black glossy and matted version of these, stay tuned!
Still waiting for a Ben Swolo cap...
bring back the old colours
Added a couple for you!
You can get this 3D printed for a fraction of the price...
and 100% more hideous!
Depends what type of printing you do, rate, polymer used, machine used...
With an SLA printer you can get a (almost) perfect finish.
Why not a dark color option for the dark lord darth?
Added a couple for you!
Woah! CMYK Vader Helmets ✨🤓✨
Would be sweet if it was not the "melted" Vader helmet. Also if it was not in Crayola colors.