Darn Tough Lifestyle Socks (3-Pack)search

Darn Tough Lifestyle Socks (3-Pack)

Darn Tough Lifestyle Socks (3-Pack)

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Hi Everyone,

Please take notice to the Note section on the drop description page that states the following:
Note: The drop price listed is the Minimum Advertised Price set by the manufacturer. Massdrop is not allowed to advertise lower than the MAP price. 

At checkout, you’ll be able to pick your style and activate a coupon (-$15).
Why no more XXL sizes for DarnTough drops? :(

Big feet matter!
Are these available on other stores? I can't find them on amazon.com
Can’t mix and match = no go
That’s a shame that Massdrop can’t get a better deal. This is just normal price then. $15 per pair. You can get them elsewhere for the same price and it will show up in 2 days instead of a month.
Where do you find them for $15?
Why no more XXL sizes for DarnTough drops? :(

Big feet matter!
I purchased a pair of these last year in the striped warlock pattern. They have held up well for day to day office wear and the occasional day in work boots during warm weather. I don't know if it makes a difference but I always wash on cold gentle cycle and low setting on dryer. I think they shrunk a little but not enough to be a problem. These socks are not cushioned at all like the hiker and hunter styles. I have issues with excessive perspiration on my feet and the merino wool makes a huge difference in keeping my feet dry and eliminates odor where synthetic blends tend to with me. The two pair I bought last year are the same price each as in this drop only difference is there are 3 pair in this order as opposed to two pair.
I forgot to mention, I wear a 12 D shoe size and I purchased the XL size which fit me well even though the sizing chart shows a Large for size 12.
will these work well in snow?
They make the best socks, but I'm still waiting for some in white!
Any chance of a men's S coming in as an option?
Why is there no option to pick the 3 colors separately ??
This has been std the previous times this drop was re-activated.
Honest review. These are dress socks. Great for desk or office work. If you are on your feet all day in boots these are definitely not for you, wait for the hiker 2 pack to come back cuz they are great work/hiking socks. The lifestyle socks I have are super thin. Which I believe is intended, I dunno if I could even use them in boots during the summer.

It’s a bummer men’s size S isn’t offered
These socks are great, but why is there never white or biege?
General vent here not related to the socks, which I'm sure are awesome... but why is half (or more) of the stuff listed in this category as drops even in the Ultralight category? What exactly is the Ultralight category? Because its obviously not what I know to be the standard Ultralight definition. You telling me that folks perusing the Outdoors category wouldn't be interesting in these socks? Or the underwear, shoes, etc., listed as Ultralight? Didn't I see everything get lumped into one category at one point? Didn't last long, but I thought it was appropriate (or would be).
Now I have waited for such a long time for this drop, and it does not include chestnut (April 2018 drop). Is it possible to include chestnut as well, please? Ideally adding the option to this drop, or at least for the next one...
Bummed to see they didn't include navy colored socks.
These socks are very thin...I would compare it to a dress sock. I personally would not consider these a hiking sock.