Darn Tough Men's Work Socks (2-Pack)search

Darn Tough Men's Work Socks (2-Pack)

Darn Tough Men's Work Socks (2-Pack)

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I just bought 6 pair of 75% Merino wool at EMS for $41.00 including shipping. Great socks, could not tell the difference from the "famous" brands...I bet they are made in the same factory in USA.
Hi Everyone,

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is it just me or is this not a good deal at all
46% merino wool? What a rip
What is Darn Tough's current warranty policy for international customers? Any catch to the lifetime warranty?
I wear these socks everyday. Very comfortable, don't loosen up over time and stay up on my calf. And since they are warrantied for LIFE if there is a problem just send the pair back to DARN TOUGH and they will send you a new pair. Really can't beat that.
Just tried these today. They're great! I got the medium gray, and they're nice enough to wear with dressy clothes (gray wool trousers, black wingtip shoes, jacket & tie up top). The padding is in just the right spots, and they stayed up over my calves all day long comfortably, with no constriction. Today was cool, and my feet were never hot or cold, but always just right. I'm not sure I'd wear them in the summer, but I would wear them in the autumn, winter, and spring.
These socks suck!!!!!!!!! Stay away from them. They are way over priced and the fall down almost immediately. Not worth the price at all unless you like your socks bunched up around your ankles.
must have skinny calfs my dude
Oh hey, more Darn Tough socks in a different thickness/length combo. I love the socks but I wish I could tell them apart easier in my sock drawer!
Hmm not sure what to say... The socks feel tight around the calves but not necessarily uncomfortably so. They still slipped down to inside the boot but not as fast as my other socks do. Fairly warm, after a full shift in heavy work boots feet were what i would described as, as soaked. Good construction and solidly built, the don't feel as though they will fall apart as easily as other generic store bought socks. I would say they are best as winter socks, not sure how much use these will get as my state 3 out of 4 seasons are just hot.

The last drop finished, I "won" yet I am to receive any email or other form of confirmation. Is there something wrong with this drop this time?
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Sorry to have not replied, they came. Nothing is showing in transactions, I have a record of paying in my PayPal /c card though. But no worries. I got them, nice socks. Thanks.
Whoops just re-read your message, glad they came. Strange it is not showing in your transactions.
Last time this was a 3 pack for the same price.... that's really unfortunate
Right, this is no better than I can get from my local outfitter.
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Why are you selling a 2-Pack for $34.99 when a 3-Pack of the same socks was $36.99? I feel like this isn't right when $2 got me an extra pair last time these same socks where sold.