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Does this work with the Anne Pro?
I don't really trust in the longevity of slide-on leather straps. I'd be way more hyped if another fastening means was chosen. So many different approaches you could take with this idea, I just think slide-on straps will get lost or become mis-sized and fall off the case when stored sideways, say, in a backpack.
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I second that. I also don't like that I have to worry about their interaction with the rubber feet I put on the bottom. I would suggest either velcro or some steampunk buckle contraption.
They aren't a problem. Have a pokercase version, the straps have stayed tight enough to hold the case together and not slide off. If they ever do stretch out, do what you do to any leather that's stretched, soak it in water and then leave it to dry on the case (probably want to wrap the case in saran wrap or some other thin barrier.
Just put a planck together last week with this case from the last drop. Looks awesome and works great as a travel case!
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Sweet match there between your walnut case and the caps
You can get it straight from the OLKB website:
Will this work for other 40% keebs? I have a AMJ40 and I don't know if it will fit this case.
Look at mounting holes. I highly doubt it. The Planck also mounts from the plate rather than the pcb which most keyboards do
Question: There's a few different PCB revisions, and top plates out there (hi and low). Which combinations does this case support?
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This exactly. It isn't currently compatible with the Hi-Pro top plate, only the Lo-Pro top plate. The newest PCBs I believe are universal.
Thanks for your help :)
So I just go my case and love it. It looks good, it feels good, and it makes my switches sound even better. However, I was wondering whether anyone else has trouble screwing the center screw all the way. I cannot get mine more than half-way in. Just wondering whether this is normal or I am just stupid.
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thanks friend. i simply opted to not make use of the center m.2 screw all-together :P
ocasionally with screws you have to apply alot more pressure than usual
Just want to comment on the STELLAR CUSTOMER SERVICE from Datamancer. I carry my Planck with me everywhere to type on the bus and elsewhere on my iPad. I had some stems break on my case bottom (two possibly because of a drop, the others from the subsequent stress)...I told DM and they sent me a whole new case!!
(Disappointed I’ll have to buy another set of the industrial-grade rubber feet...and lost my OLKB sticker because the tops aren’t interchangeable :-( but happy my Planck is no longer homeless!!!)

Thanks guys, kudos on an otherwise sturdy (and great-looking) product!!
These stems are extremely tiny will never last the keyboards live. I had two broken during assembly. However - I glued them with a drop of Ponal wood glue and they did not break again until now.
This seems like a great product! I'm a bit concerned about the leather straps though, since DvorakNoLegends after the last drop said sliding the straps on/off made the rubber feet dislodge. Was he/she just unlucky or is this to be expected?
For what it’s worth I got a pair of thinner, stronger rubber feet at the hardware store ($3 CAD) and I’ve been stretching out the straps, and it’s all working fine’s more than worth the little bit of feet trouble.
Yea the feet have kind of terrible adhesive, and are prone to coming off straps or no straps. I'd look into getting some alternatives.