Dawson DDM 350 Pen-Type Digital Multimetersearch

Dawson DDM 350 Pen-Type Digital Multimeter

Dawson DDM 350 Pen-Type Digital Multimeter

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Useless for those of us who are left handed.
Is this Multimeter Pen made in USA or China?
Mine does not work. Dead on Arrival. How do I get my money back. The batteries have to be pushed with all my strength with my 3rd and 4th hand and then I can use it. I was not expecting CHINESE RUBBISH. No quality control. Did they get a 4 year old to stick a ticket on saying QA tested ok - my frigging foot. Its not okay.
I am easy to please so I will settle for another pair of arms.
If you have not do so already, please reach out to Massdrop support. https://helpdesk.massdrop.com/hc/en-us/articles/213150347-Massdrop-Return-Policy
Mine arrived fine, in good working order, nice piece of kit for the price
Seems like a lot of these arrive DOA according to amazon reviews.
I bought this and have owned many multimeters...the really nice case that came with it is too short and you can't close the flap due to the end probe not coming off...maybe I'm missing something but with the Non-removable end probe on the device, the flap (or Lid) of the nice case WILL NOT CLOSE. anyone else have this issue or maybe you can tell me how to remove the end probe? Thanks Robert Sharp
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The multimeter is very handy and clever, I like it. Only problem is the case - it's too short ! Am I using it wrong?
I agree
Where does one go to learn how to use a multimeter?
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I see what you did there.
Here is a more serious suggestion:


How to use a multimeter is an important question, but you have to ask what do you need the multimeter for? And the answer is always Troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is a serious philosophy with rewards for those who study it.
Does anybody know if this has a logic feature?
amazon has this listed for $38.88 via prime.

just an fyi.

anyone have an experience with this meter? any good?
It's only $27 here.
$31.99 on prime now
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