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De Atramentis Pearlescent Inks (4-Pack)

De Atramentis Pearlescent Inks (4-Pack)

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Anyone know why some folks already got their ink, but my estimated delivery is mid-july? The drop hit weeks ago. :(
Perhaps you should ship the de Artemis drop from last month before you offer another drop from them that they can't seem to actually fulfill.
WOW! Super fast drop ... inks came today! Thanks
Has anyone ever tried this ink in a fountain pen? Any problems with flow or negative effects on the pen?
Inks with particulate like this are perfectly fine in fp's. They are designed specifically for fountain pens. I've never had any issues, even with the ink sitting in the pen for a few weeks.
This looks like it would be difficult to clean out of your pen. Does anyone have any experience with this ink?
Not any more difficult than a typical cleaning. If you're very particular grab a soft bristle toothbrush for the feed. Otherwise it comes out just fine. Leaving it in to dry over months is probably a different ballgame.
I see there was a bit of a mix up with the last order.. I hope every thing was sorted out and folks got their inks ( or refunds ) I am interested to know how folks like the Pearlescent inks ? How are the colors, flow, dry times etc. I haven't tried them yet and am interested in any feedback - Thanks !
Be interesting to see if anyone actually received their ink at all.
Hello. It would be nice if the transaction had not been completely removed from the transaction list, but listed as simply refunded or cancelled. I wanted to see what variants I had originally selected to see if I can get them at a different vendor, but when I go to my transactions or click on the transaction ID from my email, I see no record of it. I understand that this was an unforeseen result, but it is irritating to have to go back and reselect what was originally selected.
I have also composed a lengthy email to Massdrop explaining my issues with their handling of this situation and their appalling lack of communication with us the buyers. I have requested a formal response from them as to what has happened, why, their reasons behind doing the refund with no explanation and removing the item from our transaction history, which means I no longer have a copy of the inks I chose should I chose to access this drop again in the future.

I will comment again as to whether or not I get a response. In the past they have handled my emails in a reasonable time frame yet, I have noticed on other discussion boards such as the Pelikan M205 blue swirl that they also ignore requests for information. Fingers crossed I would like some answers about this and an apology for the way it is being handled.
I am impressed. A person emailed me back within 12 hours as well as their official email arriving apologising for the situation and explaining the refund reason. I have asked if it is possible to keep our transaction history of this purchase in the same way unsuccessful drops remain. I would have liked to be able to access my choices for possible future drops . I doubt it will be possible to return the information but fingers crossed and if it means we can access it in future should something similar occur then so much the better. In future I will be taking photos of my order to prevent this loss of information occurring again.
same here! I wrote to them. Outrageous! I want my inks! It said before that on the way "...We have been in close contact with the vendor and the courier used by them. They informed us that based on the tracking we have a large batch of shipment was mishandled or lost at US customs. We are having the agent look into the whereabouts of the shipment and expect to update the group before noon PT time 1/10." So basically it got lost on the way. I don't care. Find it and send it to me. :(
I was refunded today about $47....i ASSUME this is for this ink order but there's absolutely no mention of what the money is for. PLUS the order has disappeared from my transaction listing. POOF! like it never existed. I had to search DeAtramentis Pearlescent, find this, and post here....I tried to email MD and when you email about an order, you need an ORDER NUMBER, which is now gone from my transaction listing. How weird is all of this?
Same thing happened to me. No explanation given.
Pretty sure that there was suppose to be an update today about the inks. So there is still no information? So my money get to be held for months, and no one has a damn clue where the ball was dropped. Or is it to the point where Massdrop just wants us to ask for a refund?
If you notice 64 people have requested this. How can we warn them to steer clear of this one? I normally don't bother to read the discussion before I order something and I doubt if many others do too. You can bet I will in the future, that is if I ever order anything else. Why doesn't Massdrop just announce that they are refunding our money?
For those that received their inks,is the ridiculous wait worthy it? I am thinking maybe someone would be willing to sell samples to me so I can get out of this nightmare.
We have reached out to the vendor and are currently awaiting shipping estimates for the batch of backordered units. We currently expect to hear back from the late this week. We will make sure to update the group with the estimated arrival date as soon as the order is on its way.

We understand that the additional wait time is undesirable. If you would prefer to cancel your order, please contact Community Support using the “Contact Support” button in your transactions page (

You can expect an update from us on 1/6 or sooner if something comes up.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center (
I am not sure which story to believe anymore,according to the email I received today part of the batch was lost/misdirected at US customs but previous communication indicated that the order had somehow not been filled. So do you mean they filled the rest of the order now and it has now gone missing?