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WonderFil DecoBob Prewound Bobbins

WonderFil DecoBob Prewound Bobbins

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Prewound Bobbins in Various Colors

Ideal for machine sewing, machine embroidery, and thread painting, the WonderFil DecoBob Starter Master Set is available in two sizes (Class 15 and Size L) and includes 40 bobbins in 36 colors on plastic casings. If you’d like, you can add a Basics Set, which includes 12 bobbins on plastic casings—three each of white, black, cream, and gray. These bobbins are wound with WonderFil’s 80wt 2-ply DecoBob thread in a reusable plastic bobbin and no glue or wax, which makes for very happy machines.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of size for the Starter Master Set: Class 15 or Size L. You’ll also have the option to add a Basics Set in either Class 15 or Size L (+ $9).

WonderFil DecoBob Prewound Bobbins
Starter Master Set: Class 15
Starter Master Set: Size L

About DecoBob Thread

DecoBob is a cottonized polyester thread that carries a textured matte finish and has been treated to behave more like cotton and eliminate stretch. Delicate but incredibly strong, this lightweight thread makes for less bulky stitching and softer designs, with the fine weight allowing for more acute miters and rounder, smoother curves.

Basic Set: Class 15
Basic Set: Size L


  • WonderFil
  • 80wt cottonized soft polyester
  • Starter Master Set: 40 bobbins in 36 colors
  • Basics Set: 12 bobbins in 4 colors


  • Massdrop 1-Year Limited Warranty


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