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Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Sony WH-1000XM2

Dekoni Premium Ear Pads for Sony WH-1000XM2

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Are those real leather
Ordered the Suede cups... can anyone tell me if they let the ears breathe better than the stock sony cups? That's the whole reason i ordered these, the Sony cups would get my ears hot & sweaty in a matter of minutes... Do they solve or postpone the "hot ears" issue of the original cups?
Will these be available again anytime soon?
The drop is ending soon and I cant decide to get Suede or Leather cups, can someone with both compare them for me?
I am surprised that Dekoni doesnt charge a premium for Leather here. I wish XM3 would get these pads soon.
Got my suede ones today, and I'm happy. Not too easy to install, but well worth the efforts and the money. You need to take care all clips do fit, otherwise noise cancellation is worse than with series earpads. But then: great comfort, and I dare say sound quality seems to improve a bit as well. A certain harshness which disturbed me is gone, the sound signature now allows longer listening periods without stress. But the cans are not muffled now, they still sound detailed and airy. Not high-end (my Stax and MrSpeakers are much better), but aceptable even for a headphone maniac like me. Of course YMMV, but I am glad I got my Sony Mk2 and the Dekoni ear pads! Office work is much nicer with good music...
So....if I don’t have an issue using the X2 stock earcups....there’s really no reason for me to get these then right? Just wanted to check before I buy :)
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I guess my ears do get a bit sweaty after a long duration......but definitely never experienced and pain or hurting ears so to speak from an all day session. I was hoping for more audio enhancements and any other reason to upgrade lol
I personally got them since the Sony stock pads just seem none existent and my ears just touched the drivers on the inside of the headphones,with the Dekoni's i no longer have that problem and they are super comfortable
Are the leather one's wider than the suede in terms of the width of the inner hole where your ears are?
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Thanks for that!
is 100% correct. The Dekoni pads have a larger diameter opening for the ear than stock, and both Dekoni pads are the same shape. I challenge anyone to point out an example of a leather softer and less sticky than the Choice Leather, and then the Suede is even softer.
Any issues with fitting the headphones back into the sony case after installing these ear pads? I installed some Earpads Meze 99 Classics & Neo on my MDR1000X which completely fixed the discomfort for my ears in sony's teeny tiny OEM pads. However, the fit inside the sony storage case is noticeably tighter now. These Dekoni pads look like a very nice upgrade over the Meze pads I installed... (have an itchy "join drop" trigger finger shaking right now...) BTW, the pad fitment is a bit finicky on these cans and requires patience to get everything snapped in. If all clips are not snapped in properly, the superb noise cancelling doesn't work as well as the pad isn't fully sealed to the ear cups.
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Dekoni recently published a pad install demo video, which starts with them taking it out of the case and ends with them setting it back in. And throwing Nuggets at it. The Pads are made for the Sony and look so good that they look like they could be stock.
Just a quick follow up, even thought this drop just ended... I ordered these pads from Amazon for just a few $ more than this drop just so I could return them if needed (spoiler: I'm keeping them) These do fit the 1st gen MDR-1000X headphones just fine with the same finicky hard to clip in mounts (Sony's fault, not Dekoni). The clip mounts are at the exact same location between the OEM pads and the ones included on the Dekoni pads. These are a bit more comfortable than the Earpads Meze 99 Classics & Neo pads I previously installed. The Meze pads are a bit thicker (hence my case fit question) than the Dekoni pads. However, the Dekoni pads have what I perceive to be a better foam in the pad as they seal much better, especially when I'm wearing glasses. Comfort level is a bit better with the Dekoni pads over the Meze pads, especially with the Dekoni "suede" vs. Meze pleather. Comfort of the Dekoni vs. the horrible teeny tiny OEM Sony pads is a night and day difference, especially if you have anything over medium sized ears. The noise canceling performance is still excellent and I haven't noticed any change in the audio quality either.
Do these work with Sony WH-CH700N headphones?
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Soo.... .5 what Sammy said?
Haha, yeah I guess! But I’d guess that the not fitting CH700N was the half you cared about, sorry. Was that an older model? I’m not familiar with it, but Dekoni does seem to be making new pads at a steady rate.
Depth of this ear pads ? With stock ones, after few hours my ears hurt, as they touch the speaker
I had the same issue. The suede pads solved it for me. Installed they're around 24mm deep. My ears still just barely touch the speaker foam. But I can wear them for hours now no problem! They did a good job with these.
Thanks, I hesitate, pity they do not make them in gray to match my headset :(
For those of you wanting to know how best to install these or having issues installing these please see this video. Should be helpful!

awesome, thanks for the follow up! especially with all the good reviews coming in from fellow droppers, sounds like my ears are getting a late xmas present. :)
Will these work with/improve the mk3 model?
Will not work with the M3 but those are coming soon.
How much did these drop for?
45 currently
Agreed with many comments below. I just got my suede pads today and they feel much better than the stock pads. Does anyone know if it's possible to replace the head support pad as well?
You should try the Dekoni Audio nuggets for that!
I got the leather and suede in today, I have to say they both feel amazing and are definitely and improvement over my old used and abused Sony pads. From the brief listening with the leather pads they sound very similar to the Sony pads but without the annoyance of having my glasses fight with the ear cups For the suede I'll have to listen to them a little longer before I can comment but they definitely sound good but maybe don't isolate noise as well as the leathers, but I think that was a given.
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Personally i think the suedes do a good job of passively blocking noise but not as well as either the stock or the Dekoni leathers pads, but there's not really that much in it imho that's my from my personal none scientific testing (aka just wearing them). I would have said if you'd not already bought them go with which ever you think feels the best. Personally i think im sticking with the Dekoni leathers for now.
I’ve got both of the Dekoni pads, and none of the Stock Sony pads 😅 I’m a sucker for the Suede, I wish all my pads felt like that, and my pillowcase, and a jacket...
Had them for a day now. Had no issue attaching them. They sound the about same as far as I can tell, and the passive noise isolation is better. Well worth the wait! Really nice being able to use my WH1000XM2s without the pain.
Got the Suede pads and can confirm they fit on the Original 1000X. I did need to use the original sony pad rings as the Dekoni ones didn't seem to want to hold on.
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To be fair, replacement only just became an option right around the end of December. The trickiest part of installing the pads is making sure the seam and the little triangular “point” on the mounting side of the pads are at the bottom of the earcups.
Yep, tried with the provided ring and they fit on the Mk1. like @tdkocen stated they just need a bit more force to lock them in.
Just got my suede pads in and immediately, noticed less noise cancellation unfortunately. but the comfort is amazing. The other thing I had to do was to take out the original rings and put it on these pads because the ring provided by Dekoni didn't snap on well. I thought it was just my error but when I tried putting on the ring without the pads, I did notice a bit more play with Dekoni's version. Otherwise, so far I've left these on head for about 3 hours now and feels great. I wish I could test out the leather pads too but I couldn't afford both. Dekoni's already taken enough of my money with my other headphones and IEM bulletz.
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Did you trying running the noise cancelling optimiser in Sony's app to see if that helps with the noise cancellation?
yup. Did everything. I also thought maybe it was my imagination. My friend has the same pair so i compared it with his and realized it wasn't my imagination. oh well. At least I can wear this now for longer without my ears hurting. Left it on all day yesterday working and also doing some home chores and eventually got warm but not to the point where I would be sweating so that's good.
I got my leather pads today, so I can give a few initial impressions. Detailed sound quality evaluation will have to wait a few days at least. Comfort is definitely improved. Compared to my well used stock XM2 pads these are better. They're a little bigger and deeper as advertised. The actual pad material is better too, higher quality foam. Noise isolation/cancellation is a little better. Seems mostly passive since the improvement is obvious when noise cancellation and ambient sounds are OFF. Not a ton, but noticable. Looks - maybe a wash here. The pads themselves look nicer than stock, but stick out a little further from around the edge of the cup. I'll take that trade off any day. Initial sound - definitely similar. Maybe slightly better bass extension with dekoni pads but XM2 already do well there stock. Early on, things sounds mostly similar. I'm certainly happy with the pads early on. They look and feel great and sound will probably follow suit after more listening.
Would they fit the mark 1 MDR-1000X? As far as I've seen, there's no real difference. Can anyone confirm?
I have a question for Dekoni; How do the either the leather/suede affect the noise cancellation and the sound signature?
We worked to make the sound signature change very minimal (as these sound great as is). As for the noise cancellation, since the material is basically the same and non-porous the ANC is improved in both cases. it really comes down to comfort and I prefer the Choice Suede personally.
how idiot-proof is the installation process for these pads? i saw in the description that "a plastic attachment bracket is included," but does it come pre-attached to the new pads, or do we have to perform the pad/bracket surgery ourselves? gentle criticism from a motivated buyer: product description could use more detail, maybe even a link to an instructional video. i've watched videos for 1000xm2 pad swaps using other brands of pads; the process isn't too complicated, but details specific to this specific pad set would be nice. :)
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sounds great, thanks for the fast reply! cheers, and happy holidays! :)
Any update on the install video? I got my pads yesterday, which was great since it was earlier than expected, but no install instructions included.
Would love to see some replacement pads for the piece-of-shit ones on the QC-35
We make those too......
Does anyone have a WH-1000XM2 and Oppo PM-3? I'm wondering if the cup size is similar. They look to be the right shape. It would be nice to have a Dekoni option for my PM-3s.
I wouldn't recommend this as it has a bracket to install made specifically for the WH-1000xmk2.
Regarding sweat, rain, moisture, etc, how does the suede hold up against the leather?
Will these fit on the MDR-7506?
No, those earcups are shaped differently. Dekoni makes separate pads that fit that headphone.
EvShrug is right, but we do have a whole line of pads that fit the MDR-7506:
Still prefer my H.Simpson Premium Pads; much cheaper and I can buy them by the dozen...


Was waiting for these pads for a long time... finally they were out a month ago, but the shipping price was way too high on the official website (25 FUSD). I'm glad I waited. this seems like a great drop. the price is good, the shipping price is defenitely fair. Thank you massdrop! looking forward to receiving these.
I refresh MD every day hoping for Dekonis for the TH-X00 I got so excited this morning and then found out these are for the Sony's :(
Same. That and another ZMF drop.