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Dekoni Velour and Premium Ear Pads for ATH-M50X

Dekoni Velour and Premium Ear Pads for ATH-M50X

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While it's been mixed reviews for these ear pads, I actually liked it for my M50x.. I purchased the Premium (leather) Ear Pads and I'm using ifi micro idsd to drive it. With the old original pads, the sound signature is slightly bright for my taste especially during near sibilant notes not to mention the fatigue from long listening. With the Dekoni pads, there is nothing but comfort -although it can still get hot just a bit but under cold conditons this won't be a problem; the best part is that the bright impressions from my M50x have been remedied. The bass is still there and perhaps slightly less detailed (not complainin') but that's probably because the xBass boost is ON. If there's any change to the sound signature, I think it's for the better. In general, I enjoy the M50x more and so is the music. I was actually about to sell the M50x but after the upgrade, I'm keeping it along with my HD650.
This is the 4th pads I bought for the M50 and while the premium one is very nice quality wise, fit is superior with it's larger ear cut out as well, however the sound changed for the worse, compared to the stock pads, and also to the cheap velour ones that massdrop sells here occasionally. With these the bass becomes very bloated talking 100hz and up while the lower bass lose it's impact. The treble also gets rolled off just a bit. Too bad they look and feel very nice.
Edit: I must augment this post after I reinstalled the pads again. While the sound signature remains the same I posted above, I must say with just a little EQ it can be remedied, so I'm enjoying these pads now much better, and they are much better than the BrainWaivz alternatives that are just too thick so they create more distance between the ears and the drivers hence losing their bass impact. These pads are for people who likes the bass response of this HP, but wanted better comfort, however as I've said you might need to EQ the region of 125hz to remove that "congestion" one might perceive and also add some boost below 60hz. YMMV.


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Does it fit AKG k267?
Could anyone give their impression on how these pads effect the cans sonically, I'm using the MSR7 and was about to purchase the stock earpads from a nearby store. The price was a jaw dropping 79.99$, the Dekoni being 60$ cheaper is quite a deal.
I'd say it changes the frequency representation slightly. I bought the premium ones for my ATH-M50's and it slightly reduced the highs while boosting the bass slightly. The bass also lost a bit of clarity imo. For regular listening I'm fine with this change (I actually prefer it since the sound in the M50's can be a bit cold with pretty sharp highs that tires my ears after a while), but if you are using the headphones for music production I would say the Dekoni pads affects the sound stage too much.
As for comfort, the premium ones with memory foam really enhanced the way the headphones sit and wearing glasses, they really made the headphones a lot better for listening over an extended period of time.
I got a pair of these a few months ago (I think with the premium foam?) and forgot to comment on them. VERY disappointing, took a month to get here and after eagerly putting them on.....! Huge disappointment. They were not as comfortable and would hurt my ears after about 5 hours where they would become unwearable. The WORST part is that the sound of the headphones are completely destroyed! The bass is way overpowering and sound muffled- I could only wear these for a few days before tearing them off. Just go with the normal ear pads, because these are no better.
Thank you! Exactly what i was looking for.
Does anyone think these would work with Sine?
Could these work with Fostex T50/40/20RP's? How big are these earpads?
Curious about this as well. I have Shure 840 pads for my t40rps and I think the thicker material inside makes them sound more muffled.
I don't remember if I commented on these yet, but I bought the velour pads for the M50x a few months ago and was disappointed. I prefer the official Audio-Technica pads, as the pad foam inside is softer making for a more comfortable fit. I also thought the sound was better with the AT pads; it felt kind of hollow with the Dekoni pads. I would expect memory foam to deaden the sound too much so I wouldn't go that route. Personally I'd tell anyone who's looking for velour M50x pads to just buy the official Audio-Technica ones. There are more colors to choose from and they feel and sound better (IMO). Plus you wouldn't have to wait a month or two for them!
Can someone tell me if the memory foam ones are worth the extra $13? I want extreme comfort that won't compromise the sound. Are the velour ones ok? Or is it a good idea to get the memory foam ones?
memory foam is always better. u pay for what you get. and it will help with a better comfort. extreme comfort ? depends on your head/ear size
does these work with Sine?
Does anyone have the dimensions/measurements of the premium leather pads?
Has anyone tried the premium leather pads with the M40x? Do they change the sound much?
Its more isolation and make sure to use the foam disk that came with the originals otherwise it will be unbearable
Would these also work for m40x?
Ok nevermind I missed the decription on the main page it does
They would just make sure to use the foam disks that came with the stock M40 pads
I would love to get a pair of these, but the black just doesn't match my M50x-BL... Are there any chance of a brown version in leather?
Would these work with the ATH-A900X by any chance?
Too small if meant for M50x/M40x/M30x/M20x. You'll have to find out on your own if they can be stretched enough to fit A900x, unless someone chimes in.
I bought the brown velour ones last time...they are awesome. I'd buy another set in brown or white again (I have two pairs of these) but if these only come in black it's a hard pass. If they match your cans tho, get them, they are great.
Gaahh... no copper/orangey-brown vomit colour for the M50XBL?
Was on another drop unfortunately. Although I picked them up, I wasn't terribly impressed due to the decrease in ear space. The only thing these have going for it is that they are lower profile than HM5 pads.
You know all the right things to say. 😏
Would this work on HIFIMAN HE-350?
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no they dont fit
party pooper :(
how deep are these compared to stock pads?
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Negatively. Velour pads in general absorb a bit too much sound.
They're about the same depth. The stock pleather pads isolate sound better and have better bass response as a result; however, I find the Audio-Technica (not Dekoni) velour pads still have appreciable bass response in a fairly quiet environment (since they let more sound in and out), and they're more comfortable. I use my M50x with the velour pads at work (at a desk all day) and swap on the stock pleather pads any time I'm traveling.
I bought the leather version for some Sony 7506 that I got with damaged pads and jack. The material is better than stock, but I couldn't compare the sound due to the previous ones' condition. I'm not looking to replace them further. A- to A
can u accurately describe what you heard tho ? im on the fence.
Sorry dude, it was a restore project. The other pads were so jacked they just dropped the driver right on my ear. The headphones have a more relaxed bass than my other set of Sennheiser HD280, which isn't saying much as they are pretty different headphones.
is this better than the hm5 hybrid? wanted to know other's opinion. thanks! interested in buying replacement earpads for my m50x.
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yeah. some people really dont like the sound change for the hm5 cause of the depth of the earpads. base from the pictures this is smaller compared to hm5. but not that much of reviews. someone who can help us?
The thing to take note of is that these earpads have a larger ear opening in a similar fashion to HM5 pads, perhaps a pinch smaller, so yes, they will probably affect sound like HM5 pads do. For better or for worse will depend on who you ask.