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I order yesterday after many hesitations, the Focal Fenestrated Sheepskin cause I find my Elear (that I own since 3 weeks approx) too dark. So I hope that with this pads, the sound will be more clear.
(even If I also find some EQ settings that make the Elear more clear too)
which model would fit the hd598s?
Is there any difference between the "elites" on here to the non-elites on Amazon? For example *elite* sheepskin on here versus just vanilla sheepskin on Amazon?
safe bet they're the same, there is nothing on their website offering Sheepskin without the word Elite in front of it paging @dekoni
would those fit on ARCTIS PRO headsets? If it does which one?
Are the Audeze LCD pads suitable for LCD 2 closed back?
Which one to get for LCD 2 that doesn't degrade the sound? Am I better off with the stock pads?
Does anyone know if the new ATH AD pads would be compatible with the equivalent closed back ATH A models? For example, Dekoni's website mentions compatability with the AD900X but I would like to replace the pads on my A900X (never liked the stock pads). I ask because I have seen pads marketed as being compatible with both.
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Thanks. What are your thoughts on the sound difference?
Subtle - I think it brings out slightly more bass and smoothens the highs a little. Overall an improvement to me. But comfort is still an issue to me with the a900x. Perhaps it's just the overall weight of the thing...prefer the a1000z and ad900x much more comfort wise. (and ad900 looks bad ass).
I think ive gotten a positive answer from googling around but does anyone know if pads for beyerdynamic DT cans also fit the custom one pro?
I once bought OEM DT770 velour pads for my Custom One Pros and they fit perfectly, so any pad that fits the DT series should fit the COP
Make sure to check eBay. A lot of the pad options are actually cheaper there than with this drop. For example, Audeze LCD velours are $40 here, which is the standard price you can get them for everyday. I got them for $35 from a "best offer".
No fenestrated option for the m40x pads??? I know for in studio that might be an issue but... I'm strange for wanting them I guess...
I want to get one for my 58X but I heard depending on which one you get, the sound can change significantly. Does anyone know which one would not change the sound or change it as little as possible?
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Does the Elite sheepskin get hot?
To me it gets less hot than the stock pads.
How much thicker are these compared to the Beyerdynamic Amiron Home, and are these compatible with the Amiron Home?
Got the Focal pads. Are these supposed to come with a tool to remove original pads? Mine did not come with anything else. Any suggestions on how to get pads off Elear to replace?
Swapping pads on the Elear is super easy, the pads have 5 plastic clips on them that snap in and out. Just pull off the current pad, take your new pad and align the clips, then push in. Takes less than 30 seconds to swap once you're used to it.
Received my elite velour pads for the hd600. It's pretty annoying that they don't come with that inner foam piece. The inner foam on my original pads basically disintegrated so i had to go to ebay and order some basic ones. Figure you buy something like "premium pads" and "elite" they would at least include that little piece. I'm not sure if it's just the elite velour or all of the pads that don't come with it but a heads up for anyone who ordered, if that current piece is messed up you might need to buy that extra foam piece in addition to the pads like i had to.
Got my shipping notification tonight (~9p EST, Sep 28th) for my order on Sept 17th. Looks like about 2 weeks sooner than expected, should be here on Monday (got the Elite Hybrid for my Sennheiser HD6XX).
Need advise. Does Dekony earpads from TH-X900 can feet TH-X00 Ebony? I have a big ears, so prefer a bit bigger ear cut outs compare with stock one? Have seen someone from Dekoni on this discussion. Please response.
Yes, earpads that will fit the TH-900 will fit the TH/TR-X00.
Anybody try any of these on Grados? Any that fit?
Probably an inadvertent error... but I am thinking of ordering a Focal Fenestrated Sheepskin but when I click on the photo (on the left) (see attached) it shows "non-fenestrated" (might have been mistakenly swapped with the Focal Sheepskin). Can this be verified / rectified please before drop ends for consistency?
Also, possible to confirm this Focal Fenestrated Sheepskin on Massdrop is the same as Dekoni's "Elite" Fenestrated Sheepskin (
Thank you!
The ones I bought say 'Elite' on the box -- looks like std. retail packaging.
Thank for chipping in. Cheers!
would any of these models work with final audio's sonorous vi or skullcandy's ancient sk-pros?
Elite fenestrated sheepskin on Utopia impressions:
tl;dr Not horrible, but takes away some of the Utopia magic (lost detail, less bass control, diminished soundstage). Minor but noticeable differences.
I had thought that, if they were 'close enough' they would let me avoid the $$$ replacement pads from Focal when that sad day happens, but alas...
@dekoni Dumb question but... could you confirm that the pads listed as: Beyerdaynamic DT Fenestrated Sheepskin (+$30.00)

are the same these ones listed on your site?
Just want to make sure they fit a pair Sony MDR-SA5000 that are in need for some TLC.
Hello, does this work with Sony Z7? Thanks!
no, the pads won't fit the Z7
Greetings. Owning a pair of M50X headphones, I trust the sound signature...They broke me in good. But the stock pads are beginning to hurt me. What're the best pads to buy so as to not change that signature at all, or at least, as little as possible?
I have the original HD 800. Any thoughts on the sound changes if used with the fenestrated sheepskin pads or any of the other versions for that matter? There aren't too many reviews on this. I am hoping the sound changes are subtle & fixable with minimum EQ. Anyone with ownership of these, your experiences are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
[Also hoping the thickness of the Dekoni pads adds to the clamping force, as the stock pads are a tad loose on my head.]
Would the AD capable pads work on the ATH-A900X? I'd read on amazon that apparently the AD900X pads could be used on the A900X, but I just wanna make sure before I make another purchase that goes down the drain due to fit issues.
Yes, they are compatible
Does this fit fostex TR X00 purpleheart phones?
Yes. These fit the entire TR-X00 line (Mahogany, Purpleheart, Ebony).
Which model is for the MSR7?
The Dekoni website lists the M50x pads as compatable with the MSR7s.
The stock pads on my MSR7s started to flake remarkable quickly considering I used them infrequently.
Well, the MSR7 is sort of a tough headphone to change pads on. Leave it otherwise as is, and the sound quality is gonna get obliterated by any pad that's larger than stock. I'm not even joking, HM5 pleathers and sheepskins (and many others, as reported on head-fi) made them sound tinny, with no bass and screaming, painful highs. Basically take everything that is bad about them and turn it up to 11. HOWEVER, if you really wanna change pads, there's a simple mod you can do ( ). Doing that and putting bigger pads results in what is probably (one of) the best sub-500$ closed backs I've heard to date. Also, I'd stick with sheepskin, because that retains the character of the MSR7 best compared to the darker/warmer sound you get from pleather pads, but it depends on your preferences.
Would anyone be able to help me out in deciding which pads to get for my 58x cans? Can't decide between the elite sheepskin and the elite hybrids. Wanted to also know if any of these would negatively/positive affect the sound signature
Elite sheepskin and elite hybrids sound basically the same.
It really comes down to if you prefer pleather, or velour against your skin.
No elite velour for hd6xx?
It's there. Check between the fostek and AKG cans
Oh, thanks, figured I was missing something
Will any of these fit the AKG 553 Pro?
*Asking the same question^

Fine fellas of Massdrop - we need your help! And if there's a better option, please feel free to reply with suggestions.
According to the beyerdynamic DT supposedly fit on the akg 553.