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What finish is this? I hope it's a bronze watch. If it's CuSn8 it will patina nicely and can be buffed out to look bright and new if so desired. PVD watches or Physical Vapor Deposition IMHO sucks. This coating rubs off and reveal the bare metal underneath.
It'd be great if MD chimed in with the specs here for the "bronze" versions.
Has nothing to do with this watch
Interested but wow is the posting bad.
3 pilots watches - only 2 though.
There are 3 watches shown though - the one without the date is shown in both stainless and "blackout" (my term, PVD antique on Amazon).
Makes me wonder if the 10.8mm thickness is correct, but that's what it shows on Amazon as well.

The crown at 4 would have been great, huge crown at 3 is a bit of a deal breaker for me.
Anybody know what the subdial is? No description from Massdrop and mostly obscured in the photos.
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Not so much with this movement, it’s NOT an independent 2nd time zone but rather just a 24 hour indicatorslaved to the primary movement.
what a worthless subdial! if it's not doing anything hell remove it for a cleaner look. Also call LUM TEC maybe they can do the lume on this dial.
Looks like watchreport has covered them. Though this watch isn't one on here right now.

I was right about their website. They have been on touch of modern a few times as well it seems.
I own a couple of their watches. They are well built and I have enjoyed them. I bought direct from their website, which I think is but I am not 100% sure. They are a micro brand. I am sure you can Google them. They have some dive watches as well. My impression is it is a bunch of guys who are watch fanatics who started their own brand 3 or 4 years ago. The price here is less than I paid.
Yeah its a smaller company for sure, definitely a boutique brand. IIRC they currently do final manufacturing in the republic of Georgia? When I purchased a Sturmanskie watch via MD a card for their distributor was included.
Tach scale without a chronograph? 24h scale on the outside of the 12h dial when there's already a 24h subdial? Am I missing something, or are these poorly designed watches?
Something you'd expect from a Chinese mushroom brand.
The tachy scale _could_ still be used if you extrapolate. The 24h dial, well...
They look like complete copies of the Zenith Pilot watches...
That and some IWCs
All pilot watches based on early to mid 20th century pilot's look pretty much the same. Laco, citizen, iwc etc etc etc even Patek
I have no idea about this brand, there are so many new ones. What I normally do in these cases is to do an internet search on "Brand Name Reputation" and see what comes up. Most of the time, there is a discussion in a watch forum about a brand. Good luck!
Anyone have person experience with this brand and their watches? Any insight would be much appreciated.
Hi there, I bought their initial kickstarter watches and I'm satisfied with it, I think it's more than 2 years now. One thing to complain is that the lume might not be strong enough for me. I would be thrilled if they released a tritium version. Otherwise it's solid as a rock and the watch still retained it's initial charm and keeps good time, it remained one of my beater watch for outdoor activities . This watch has taken some hard knocks and I've accidentally scratched my walls with this watch . However I see the scratches on the metal housing as it's character.

It sits quite big on my wrist and I prefer smaller and thinner simple watches for work (MWC GG-W-113) and like all entry mechanical watches the time could run a little slower or faster but with some simple tools you could open the case back and adjust it yourself, but Sora has kept more accurate time than the MWC so far.

I used my phone flash to charge the lume for the lume pic.

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