DB Tops "Zephyr" Air-Powered Topsearch

DB Tops "Zephyr" Air-Powered Top

DB Tops "Zephyr" Air-Powered Top

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Look Ma, No Hands!

The Zephyr is an air-assisted top that can be spun hands-free. Made from steel or brass that’s fitted with a large half-inch bearing, it looks like a carnival tent or a tornado turned upside down—and looking from the underside it resembles a flower. Perhaps most notable is its ability to regenerate: After it starts spinning, you can actually blow on the top to bring it back to life and spin it faster, meaning it can theoretically be spun forever (or at least until you run out of breath). The Zephyr comes with ceramic, or tungsten carbide bearing.

Note: At checkout, select a material and bearing combination from Steel/Tungsten, Steel/Ceramic (+ $10), Brass/Ceramic (+ $90), or Brass/Tungsten (+ $75).

DB Tops "Zephyr" Air-Powered Top
DB Tops "Zephyr" Air-Powered Top
DB Tops "Zephyr" Air-Powered Top
DB Tops "Zephyr" Air-Powered Top


  • DB Tops
  • Material: Stainless steel or brass
  • Bearing: tungsten carbide, or ceramic
  • Air assisted
  • Can be launched with no hands
  • Bearing diameter: 0.5 in (1.3 cm)


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