DFRobot Audio Expansion Shields for Raspberry Pisearch

DFRobot Audio Expansion Shields for Raspberry Pi

DFRobot Audio Expansion Shields for Raspberry Pi

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The MRSP on the manufacturer site for the X400 is 36.9$ and for the X600 41.9$. Why does the MRSP on Massdrop is much higher?
To make it look like you're getting a deal. Any other obvious insights I can help you with?
Howdy Eliad,
I am glad you asked that. We want to list the most accurate MSRP as possible. DFRobot is located in China and charges you shipping for all orders. You actually can not purchase either of these products from DFRobot at $36.90 or $41.90. We have listed the MSRP as is because you will pay anywhere from $6.50 up to $18.00 shipping cost depending on what shipping service you choose and where you live.
For DFRobot and a couple of other brands when the Manufacturers are not listing the true MSRP of the product because they charge you shipping we will slightly increase their "list price" in order to show the true value that we are offering the community.

In this case we are listing the product at $33.99 free shipped. The absolute cheapest that you can get this product for is $43.40.

Does anyone know if this/the RPi3 support DSP functionality? If these could be used to make tiny cheap little Amp/DAC's with DSP that would be awesome.
Not sure if appropriate or if anyone is interested - if not, I apologise;

I've used a 150mm x 105mm x 55mm aluminium project box (~AU$15) to house these. With the Pi mounted front and left, the volume knob is on the centre line, and the space to the right of the Pi allows a stereo plug to connect to the headphone jack on the X400 (I run that to a 3.5mm socket on the front). There's room at the back to allow a DC jack to run to a switch and socket, and to mount speaker terminals, as well as a panel mount USB socket to break out the Pi's USB. I have toggle switches connected to the jumpers to allow the speaker and headphone amps to be switched on/off and to engage the mute function. In all, another ~AU$15 in jacks/terminals.

I've models (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2539748) for the front and rear panels, and a mounting plate for the Pi to suit a box such as here (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Aluminum-Box-Enclosure-Case-desktop-DIY-55mm-2-16-H-X105mm-4-14-W-X150mm-5/32342220019.html - no affiliation, it's just what I've used).
Very cool. Would you happen to be able to show pictures of your final project box?

Back, front, interior and a shot showing the Pi LEDs through the PETG front panel. The last shot is of the first of these I made where I used the project box panel and drilled and filed holes in the Aluminium (tedious). In the last shot, the Pi LEDs are visible through the 1mm hole below the 3.5mm stereo jack, but because they are off the mid line, they reflect off the polished sides of the hole rather than being viewed directly. I thought I'd have to play with some kind of light pipe, but this works well enough.

If there's anything else I can show, please let me know.
Does anyone have direct experience with this? I've been looking to turn one of my Pi3s into a driver for some in-ceiling speakers I have and an AMP/DAC combo would be great. It would also help to have a diagram of the x400 100% in English to see what chips are used, etc.
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The link in one of my earlier comments seems to still be valid, although I purchased mine from eBay.

Ali express;

Thanks. Will check thEse out.
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