Diamine 150th Anniversary Ink (2-Pack)search

Diamine 150th Anniversary Ink (2-Pack)

Diamine 150th Anniversary Ink (2-Pack)

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Item indicates it arrived yesterday, but it isn’t here. What do I need to do?
Grabbed the Tudor Blue and Burgundy Royale. Now I just need a refillable pen! Have my eye on a TWSBI Diamond Mini with an extra fine nib.
i get ink on my fingers from tinkering, and so I wonder whether Diamine is non toxic. Elsewhere I read that maybe it was. thanks
Purchased Blood Orange and Blue Velvet the last time around and I was so impressed that I am ordering Terracotta and Burgundy Royale this time. This is a very good drop!
Just received mine.

Pretty well packed

As with all Diamine drops, pretty terrible deal for EU folks.

It's literally cheaper for me to buy 2 of these inks from the local arts and craft supplies store whenever I'd like than to join this drop and wait at least a whole month to get them. And that's without even considering the shipping cost for this drop .....

Oh, and it's even cheaper for me to order online than to buy it from said local store soooooo ... Yeah I could probably get almost 3 of these inks from an online retailer for the price of this drop for a 2-pack.
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It makes sense that the deal is great for people in the Americas and terrible for people in Europe/Asia. Diamine is based in Liverpool, England, so Massdrop would be purchasing the inks in bulk and shipping them to the USA. Normally, Diamine inks are much more expensive when purchased individually from American companies because of the additional cross-pond shipment cost that people in Europe don't have to pay. If Massdrop can buy the lot for the European wholesale price and then bulk ship them all here at once, it can bring the price down significantly lower tham we Americans are used to paying.

Europeans, however, can skip down to the local office supply store and buy a couple of bottles without any group buy discounts for less cash than we could ever hope to pay... unless we happen to grab a couple bottles during a European vacation.
That makes sense. We pay more for Pelikan pens here, and probably more than I’m aware of. The inks I picked are very nice. I like both colors.
I’m happy with this drop. I’ve been wanting Safari and Terracotta for a long time. I’ve used a sample of Safari, but not Terracotta. So I hope I like that color as well as I hope to.
$3 increase over the drop 2 months ago. I knew I should have ordered more colors last time.
I have "Safari" & it's one of my favorite inks,especially in the green family.
It's a beautiful green.
Free shipping makes this drop even better than past drops. Wish this had dropped sooner, I could have saved some money or can now justify ordering more colors.
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Free shipping to the U.S.
Finally, a free shipping makes it worth to buy.
Why are they doing this in the winter and shipping in February? If we have more freezing weather in the northern areas there is a good chance of the ink freezing and cracking the bottles or caps and leaks when opening the bottles.
Is there anyone who got any update of the last (Sep 2017) drop? Estimated shipping date was 9/25/2017, but so far I have not received any notification from Massdrop or Vendor.
Sorry for the delay here! Our warehouse was doing an inventory count this month that took much longer than expected, and resulted in a delay getting out orders. These inks have all been received, and most have shipped out already. We're working as fast as we can to get the rest of these out, and appreciate your patience!
I have a few of these inks and they all perform really well. If you can't decide on colors, I highly recommend Regency Blue and Silver Fox. Both are saturated, wet inks that perform well on a variety of papers and with a variety of ink sizes. Regency Blue is one of my most used colors for work (usually in a medium Conklin or fine Pelikan), and Silver Fox is one of those unique greys that actually looks grey on the page, not just a pale black. But I'm not sure you can go wrong with any of these inks!