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I got mine last weekend.
Has anyone heard anything about this drop? I haven’t had any updates since I initially got in this drop last month.
I received an email with this message:
"Due to an unexpected delay, these orders may ship later than the original estimated ship date. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If we find that the drop is going to be delayed by more than 30 days, we will let you know. "
I'm in!
I chose...
Amethyst Blue
Blue Black
Green Black
...I haven't tried these colors before so it will be fun to test drive them!
I didn’t see the new earl grey ink in the list. Is that available?
Doesn't look like it. I was disappointed, too.
Got my ink today, love the ink HATE the little bottle, overflows without much provocation at all. However the ink it really good. so use a paper towel under the bottle when filling those pens!
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Eau de Nil is Eau de Best.
Definitely. It's such a beautiful ink.
Any update on the shipping for the most recent drop? Looks like the order was sent to vendor but nothing since.
Sorry about the delay on this drop. Our warehouse has been doing an inventory count that has taken longer than expected. Unfortunately, that has resulted in a delay getting drops out the door. We're looking to ship out these inks asap this week. Thanks for your patience!
UPDATED @ 9:00pm on Thursday, August 31, 2017: Added basic info about CONUS retailers and amended/clarified my sentiments about the drop. This is my last update for this round. If I do so again, it will be for a future drop and I will refer to this post at that time.

Hi folks.

I thought I'd do a comprehensive price comparison on this one, because:

1. I'm due for some more ink within the next month or 3
2. I'm curious what everyone is charging these days (including USA retailers)
3. This is great ink and I want everyone to be able to get the best value* for their money. (*= "value" is often seen subjectively. It isn't always straight price, but can also include ease of ordering, speed of shipment, etc.).
4. How all of these compares with Massdrop's currently advertised price.
5. I'm curious if MD can negotiate a better price.

This might end up as a lengthy post. I'll include links and references where I can. I live in CONUS, so this post will be CONUS-centric, but I'll note world-wide shipping when I can.

1. Current Massdrop price is $23.99. Is this with or without shipping included and, if included, to where?

2. Cult Pens (UK retailer): £1.96 w/o VAT for each 30ml. Shipping is £10 flat unless you go over 2 kilos. Exchange rate is $1.29 = £1.00. Total for 5 is: £1.96 x 1.29 £/$ = $12.64 + $12.90 for shipping (5-7 days according to their website) = $25.54 (with shipping from UK to almost anywhere, I think).

3. Retailers (online and brick & mortar): if you live in CONUS and you're interested in getting 1,2,5,10+ of the 30 ml. bottles from a retail outlet here, the price will be much more than joing this drop. In this particular case, joining the drop would make sense.

To be honest, this deal isn't terrible. It's fine. It's great ink at a fair price, IMO. If you don't want to deal with Cult Pens or Diamine directly, this is the next best thing.

Please note, I'm calling this stuff as I (and others) see it. As is probably obvious, I LIKE Massdrop. As time permits, I comment on topics and drops. If you want to join this drop, please do. I just want people to have as much info as reasonably possible.

As i intimated earlier, I hope Massdrop continues to have this drop in rotation and can negotiate a better deal next time.

That's all for the drop ending early September, 2017.

Hope this helps.


Fine Print: No affiliations. Will be edited. Opinions are mine. (Hidden humor - guess the reference: I don't like pain when I cath. And the Nuclear Triad consists of Land-based missiles, Submarine-launched missiles & Aerial bombers ... So that's the Nuclear Triad in case you're the kind of person who might really need to know that.)

ps. In all seriousness, if people find the "hidden humor" offensive or inappropriate in any way for inclusion in my periodic posts, I shall delete it and (most) other attempts at humor (except stuff that originates from my own mind like puns, alliteration, language-based humor, etc).
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Nope. You just click on join drop and it'll show you. You don't actually have to join the drop if you click on it. It takes you to a checkout page where you can see shipping costs and all the options, etc. and then you can just close the window instead of joining.

But that's still a drag about the extra shipping cost. Just checking Cult Pens, we have a cheaper and faster alternative for those in CONUS and U.K.

Also a shame Massdrop wasn't more upfront about the shipping cost. They often include the shipping cost in the primary description of the drop.

So far, I can't recommend this drop. Perhaps they'll be able to negotiate a better price next time.

As as for the ink: love it. I have 4-6 Diamine colors in regular use right now.
Now this is quite nice. I travel often, and bringing glass bottles of fountain pen ink on luggage has always made me nervous. This is a good solution.

I just have to check to make sure the price is decent, but if so I'm going for it.
Having already compared, the price difference of ordering from Massdrop and ordering directly from Diamine, you only pay about $1-2 more through Diamine. However, that's without paying for tracking so if you don't mind waiting longer, Massdrop will at least put you at ease with tracking instead of blindly hoping it makes it to your doorstep.

Personally, I ordered from Diamine because I wanted more than 5 but less than 10, so even with paying for tracking, I ended up saving about $10 ordering 8 bottles from Diamine directly with the added tracking, instead of ordering 10 from Massdrop and having to choose 2 more, which wouldn't exactly have been tough given the vast selection.
Just FYI for those waiting on the May delivery, my package (shipped 7/6/2017 ) arrived today (from Folcroft PA to Toronto, Ontario, Canada). Good luck with your packages!
Also ordered in May and haven't received the ink. Very little communication about when we might expect it. I know Massdrop doesn't charge you until they ship the package, but I wish there was a way to cancel the order.
The ink's weren't supposed to ship until July 3. I got an email on June 30 saying the order from the vendor wasn't scheduled to arrive until July 5 and we'd be getting an update on July 7.
Still not happy but the order may only be a few days behind schedule. I'm learning with Massdrop you place an order and then just forget about it until it arrives at your doorstep. Even without delays the lead-time for delivery is often 1-2 months. Although , in MD's defense, I ordered a stainless Lamy 2000 at the end of June and it's already shipped.
Never received this item; I want my money back!
When did you order yours? I ordered in the most recent drop and estimated ship date is July 3 but we're supposed to get an update tomorrow.
Way back in May!