Diamine Conway Stewart Ink (2-Pack)search

Diamine Conway Stewart Ink (2-Pack)

Diamine Conway Stewart Ink (2-Pack)

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The ink boxes arrived in terrible condition. Thankfully the bottles were in tact.
damn.. ran out of Tavy
Are these inks new old stock? Conway Stewart went out of business some time ago. I would assume Diamine stopped making ink for them then.
This range was apparently released at the start of 2013, so the stock can't be all that old.

General opinion seems to be that these are just some of Diamine's regular inks, renamed and with Conway Stewart Branding. My main interest in these is for the bottles, which are a bit different from the current Diamine bottles.
So I tried to order 2 sets (4 bottles), and the drop is restricted to one order per person. Guess I'll have to catch the next drop for the other colors.
Just checked and it's not restricted now, I had no issue adding 9 more orders (mind you, at full shipping cost for every single order - 20 bottles would have cost $182 shipping!)
Lovely looking bottles, but the shipping cost absolutely kills the drop for me. After factoring in shipping costs to Australia this drop would cost more per bottle than the Luxury Ink Bottle Bundle that's also running at the moment.

This drop may as well have been limited to US addresses only as far as I'm concerned...
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And are you working for Ken Allen?

It is natural to complain about the shipping cost if the cost is more expensive than the product price. I also gave up this drop due to unreasonably high shipping cost of $18.
Damn right I'm complaining, $18 shipping for 2 bottles versus $4 for 3 bottles in the Luxury Ink drop... and if you want another two bottles here, your shipping cost simply doubles in this drop.

So let's see, shipping cost for 6 bottles:
This drop: $54.75
Luxury Ink drop: $6.55

I'd love to hear an explanation for the discrepancy.
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