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Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)
Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)

Shimmering Ink in 22 Colors

Diamine has been making fine inks in Liverpool since 1864, and its new Shimmertastic Ink is quite literally a shining example of what makes the brand so highly regarded among fountain pen enthusiasts. Available in 22 different colors—including 12 new colors just released in late 2016—these inks contain metallic gold or silver particles that will make your writing stand out on the page. And as a result of years of tinkering, they’re perfectly safe to use in any fountain pen. Diamine recommends you gently agitate the bottle to mix the particles through the ink before filling your pen, and to do the same with your pen before each new writing session.

Note: This drop includes two 50-milliliter bottles of Diamine Shimmertastic Ink. At checkout, you’ll have your choice of colors: Blue Flame, Blue Lightning, Blue Pearl, Brandy Dazzle, Caramel Sparkle, Cocoa Shimmer, Enchanted Ocean, Golden Oasis, Firestorm Red, Golden Sands, Inferno Orange, Lilac Satin, Magenta Flash, Magical Forest, Moondust, Night Sky, Pink Glitz, Purple Pazzazz, Red Lustre, Shimmering Seas, Sparkling Shadows, or Tropical Glow. You can also add an InkJournal for an extra $16.

Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)
Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)
Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)
Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)
Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)

Catalog Your Pens & Inks

Packed with 80 pages of 80-pound stock paper, the InkJournal Black Notebook was created for fountain pen enthusiasts to catalog their pens and inks. Even-numbered pages are laid out with dedicated fields where users can test and record various qualities of the ink and pen, including dry times and water-drop tests. Odd-numbered pages offer blank space for notes, comparisons, and overall ratings. At the front of the notebook are two blank index pages; fill them in as you go for quick reference to the pens and inks you’ve tested. Measuring 8.5 by 5.5 inches, the InkJournal provides space for up to 38 different pen and ink entries.

Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)
Diamine Shimmertastic Ink (2-Pack)

Ink Options

Blue Flame
Blue Lightning
Blue Pearl
Brandy Dazzle
Caramel Sparkle
Cocoa Shimmer
Enchanted Ocean
Firestorm Red
Golden Oasis
Golden Sands
Inferno Orange
Lilac Satin
Magenta Flash
Magical Forest
Night Sky
Pink Glitz
Purple Pazzazz
Red Lustre
Shimmering Seas
Sparkling Shadows
Tropical Glow


  • Diamine
  • 50 ml bottles
  • Liquid ink
  • Refill type: Bottled ink, fountain pen ink
  • Made in England


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