Diplomat Esteem Fountain Pensearch

Diplomat Esteem Fountain Pen

Diplomat Esteem Fountain Pen

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Too bad it didn't reach the target... I was wanting that cobalt blue!
What happened? Drop status is inactive on the website but listed as "active" in my transactions? Did we get it?
Am in this drop but only at the lowest point - hope we get to the needed numbers. The irony - a German living in Dubai, buying a german pen in the US. This poor pen will have travelled a lot before it will reach me, haha.
Is the Cobalt model matt or glossy in finish?
Matte finis, both to the eye and to the touch.
I joined the last drop for this pen, and was satisfied with the schedule and highly pleased with the pen. Let's put scheduling and delivery to rest, since Jonas answered that question rather thoroughly, and look at the pen itself. It's a smooth writer--amazingly smooth, and the nib has just enough spring in it to satisfy this very picky writer, despite being stainless steel. I thoroughly enjoy writing with this pen, experiencing a fresh feeling of "wow!" each time I write with it. One very nice feature: If I pick it up after a hiatus of several days it starts right up, with no skips or hesitation. It's a great pen at a very reasonable price--And yes, you'll get it in a reasonable time frame.
So my Diplomat Esteem arrived a week or so ag. Been tied up so only a cursory look. However the converter that shipped is too long for the pen. Does not fit. dis I misread something on the original description?
It's possible there's an ink cartridge stuck up in the barrel of your pen. Tap it against a table or something to dislodge it if it's stuck. Your converter should fit just fine.
Broken record, but sheesh! Is this pen EVER going to ship?? Massdrop, I suggest you only work with vendors who can hit a reasonable delivery window--say two weeks, and even that's pushing it--for non-custom, mass-produced items. i think you'll agree that this is the biggest bone of contention among your members.
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I very much appreciate your thoughtful response--it's the first time anyone from Massdrop has bothered to respond, as far as I have seen, to the repeated complaints of the community over this particular aspect of your business model. As for Diplomat, I've bought two Diplomat pens through Massdrop before this one, and both were delivered long before the shipping estimate. Perhaps that colored my expectations for this drop.

I don't think anyone is expecting a 2-day turnaround on any of the products you sell, and I see your point about 15- and 20-day turnarounds and air freight vs ground. I also get it about putting undue pressure on your vendors. And I MUCH appreciate that you have left DHL behind and are now using FedEx Smartpost--a service that outpaces DHL by a country mile.

Having said that, there was a drop last year for an Italix fountain pen that took a full 8 weeks for fulfillment (the discussion page got ugly, and yes, i was a participant in the fracas). It took me a while to get back to the point where i was willing to buy from you again, because your communication was lacking in the face of that long delay. I just hope that experience isn't repeated.

But again, thank you for your response. My pen is out for delivery today, and i will be sure to post my thoughts.
I love working in a place where this kind of exchange can occur, and I also appreciate you taking the time to have thoughtful engagement with a goal of improving the community - that's why we're all here.

Parson's Italix, I remember that one. Sorry about that, thanks for giving us another chance. It is the nature of our business - not being in physical possession of most items we sell - that places us in a precarious position.

I can assure that we do decline to work with vendors - prospective and existing - if they cannot meet shipping deadlines. We're human, so are they. We make mistakes. We assume good intentions. We work to improve. You being here is a testament to that. Thank you.
My favorite daily driver, by far, and IMO the best value / most underrated fountain pen $50 to $100.
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Yep, I see what you're talking about. I would imagine they handle it quickly, if they don't we will help, and if you want...TBH I don't use my B nib that much, shoot me an email edc@massdrop.com with your address and I will send you mine NP.
Why, that's very kind of you. I'm very happy to pay for shipping; but i will gladly send you my address. Thank you.
wheeew this is a tempting one. That cobalt is stunning.
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I understand. Sorry, just annoyed with Massdrop at the moment. However, I am glad to be among the first to get one of these in the US!
Are you the folks working with Massdrop to fulfill this order? If so, why is it taking so long to deliver the bulk shipment? It's been 3 weeks now.
dammit I missed the drop. elimelendez Liz will you bring this back anytime soon?
We should be able to bring it back once we get more requests - make sure to hit the Request button so that you get an email notification when it drops again!
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