Diplomat Moderns Magnum SoftTouch Fountain Pensearch

Diplomat Moderns Magnum SoftTouch Fountain Pen

Diplomat Moderns Magnum SoftTouch Fountain Pen

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Okay, I've been using this pen the month or so and thought I'd leave a review on what my findings have been thus far. When I say thus far, I'm not sure if I'll be continuing to use the fountain pen as I have been really disappointed with it. I just read from another review that people really enjoyed it, but as for me having several entry level fountain pens (Pilot Metro & Lamy Safari) this one has been really disappointing. The plastic feels cheap and it creaks and strains on the threads and the weight is super lightweight that feels cheap. When holding the pen the two pieces will flex on each other unless you really bare down on the threads to the point of wondering if you're going to strip them. Even after doing those said actions I still felt like the pen felt really cheap.

Yes, I do understand it is inexpensive and I have another higher end Diplomat fountain pen and this one was just surprisingly bad. The nib worked fine, although it is what it is and you get what get as far as the nib. When posting the cap the lack of quality just seems to build on itself as the posting will mar the top of the pen where the cap rests. I would say that the overall experience has been poor and unsatisfactory. I won't even go into the ballpoint pen that came with this drop as a package deal. It was beyond horrid and I'd rather use a full chewed, half-dried saliva G2 pen that has been chewed on by some orally fixated tween with questionable hygiene than this pen. It wasn't even suitable to give to my daughter for her to use and inevitably lose in her daily activities in elementary school. Sorry for the tirade, end rant.
My pen reached me yesterday. I let my father borrow it for a few hours to test it seeing as he writes with fountain pens daily. I almost had to fight him for it... Safe to say its a great pen for the price and the matte grey that I chose looks amazing.
My pen apparently shipped 16 June and disappeared sometime around June 19 because Asendia cannot track anything within Canada and does not register shipping info with Canada Post like the USPS does.
(FWIW, 103 trustpilot users rate Asendia 0.8/10 https://trustpilot.com/review/asendia.com)

Happily, Toby, at Customer Service, was very helpful and issued a prompt refund.
Thank you, Toby!
Well! My pen finally arrived after 6 weeks. I decided to keep it, and thanks again to Toby for helping me repay my refund.
Oh my god I thought it was shipping June 10th and I was considering just buying it for full price, rip.
Got one in the last drop. This pen is so light that I end up sold it. Not only the weight troubling me, but also it is a bit too thin to hold. At this price point, Pelikan Stola III is a much better choice. The construction just feels much solid and the nib is as good or even better. It is also a German quality. My two cents.
This is an excellent buy for this pricepoint. I have many high-end fountain pens but I keep reverting to this pen. Love how it has a bit of flex and how it wrote very well out of the box. May join this drop again for a second one.
Better deal on amazon it looks like, but I'm not sure you'll get the same color options. Also would depend on where you live and the cost of shipping
There's a $7 shipping charge, so it ends up being more expensive. I'm sure it would arrive earlier though.
Just received mine... Interesting to add an affordable German pen to the collection.

However, the first thing that struck me is that it's small. Small section that forces you to hold the pen as the designer feels you HAVE to. Small barrel that forces you to post the pen. I don't have overly large hands either. I can wear a men's Medium glove.

Cap doesn't go on with confidence.
Converter seems a bit wobbly - will have to be very careful not to bump this pen on anything to avoid converter dislodging.
Have to hold the pen closer to the nib than I'm comfortable with.

Positive: no threads on the barrel makes it comfortable in that one regard.
My nib is pretty good. Can't complain about it. A good fine line.

Matching Ballpoint is meh. I love click ball points, but the click action is too springy for my tastes. Not a very crisp operation.
This pen is a a piece of junk even at this low price.

I've written perhaps a paragraph of text and the pen struggles with hard starts. The nib alignment was completely off and even when adjusted correctly this is only improved a bit. It doesn't feel like it is going to hold alignment either. Flimsy, scratchy, disapponting. Almost every sub $15 Jinhao I have tried is _miles_ ahead of this pen.

I won't use this pen.
I'll stsrt by saying I'm no pen expert. It feels decently built. Not cheap, but not incredibly solid either.
The nib is definitely scratchy. My Lamy Safari is far better. Not sure if you can replace the nib, but I will if I can. It's not great.
There are probably better options out there at the price.
You could try using a piece of super fine micro-mesh. Google micro-mesh for fountain pens for instructions, although it doesn't seem this pen is with the effort!
I ended up buying one of these direct from Diplomat for $25, and let me just say ... worst $25 I've spent on a fountain pen. If you're new to the fountain pen world and are considering this pen, I'd recommend buying two Pilot Metropolitans, one fine and one medium, instead. Or, saving up just a little bit more and getting a Lamy AL-Star or Faber-Castell LOOM.

Personally, I don't think this pen is worth $5. The nib is scratchy, the construction feels chintzy, and it is super skinny and small--smaller than it appears in the pictures.
I just received my pen and the converter. But when i install the converter, it won't fit into the bottom part (barrel) of the pen. So the converter can't be used. Have written to support and waiting for their reply
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I feel like a dumbass! Yes, there is another ink catridge (filled with ink) inside the barrel. Removed that all the converter fits! Lol. Thanks!
Welcome ... believe me, you're not the first to fall victim to the cartridge-stuck-in-the-barrel phenomenon. Have fun with your new pen!
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UPDATE: Even with the crack in my pen, it still writes as if it was new. This is amazing.

At the new price (I believe my set costed near $40), I'd honestly buy 2. I might actually buy another as a spare.
Great nib on this pen! For the price, I really like this pen.