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District Leather Horween Keychain

District Leather Horween Keychain

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Handmade Leather Keychain

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, District Leather believes in meticulous craftsmanship using only the best materials—and in these lanyard keychains, it certain shows. They’re made from your choice of Shell Cordovan, Chromexcel horse-strip, Dublin or Derby leather in a variety of colors, all sourced from Chicago's world-famous Horween Leather Company. The edges are beveled and burnished, then sealed with special wax blends. All of the hardware, from the closure snap to the iron ring and trigger clip, is made of brass with either an antique, natural, or nickel-plated finish.

Note: At checkout, choose Chromexcel in black, brown, burgundy, russet vegetable tan, or tan; Derby in brown nut; Dublin in black or English tan; or Shell Cordovan in black, bourbon, color #8, natural, or reversed black (+ $20). You'll also have your choice of hardware finish: antique brass, natural brass, or nickel-plated brass.

District Leather Horween Keychain

About Chromexcel

Sought after for its durability, smooth texture, and rich color, Chromexcel is the original pull-up leather from the Horween Leather Company, who has been making it for more than a century. From cured hide to usable leather, Chromexcel takes nearly a month to produce.

District Leather Horween Keychain

About Derby & Dublin

Derby and Dublin leathers are 100 percent vegetable tanned and hot stuffed with oils and waxes. This gives them protection from the elements, as well as a unique appearance.

District Leather Horween Keychain
District Leather Horween Keychain

About Shell Cordovan

Pioneered in the Middle Ages by the Moors, Shell Cordovan has roots in Spain, with the city of Cordoba lending its name to this rare leather. Today, it’s most commonly associated with Horween Leather Company—the country’s oldest tannery still producing Shell Cordovan. It comes from the fibrous flat muscle, or shell, taken from a specific part of a horse’s hide. Over the course of 6 months, it undergoes an extensive process that includes tanning, stuffing, shaving, and polishing. Regarded as one of the most durable forms of leather, Shell Cordovan is also prized for its unique hand-finished color treatment.

District Leather Horween Keychain

About District Leather

Founded in 2015, District Leather strives to create designs that blend form, function, and extraordinary attention to detail. Both the company name and its logo are homages to Washington, DC, the founder’s hometown.

District Leather Horween Keychain


  • District Leather
  • Horween Chromexcel, Derby, Dublin, or Shell Cordovan leather
  • Solid brass hardware in natural brass, antique brass, and nickel-plated finishes
  • Dimensions: 0.75 x 5.5 in (1.9 x 14 cm)
  • Made in the USA


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