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DJI Inspire 1 Version 2.0

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Did I miss something? Why would it not be new?
Bring it back in a year, after I wear out the Yuneec Typhoon G you sold me. ;-)
Could admin clarify what is being offered in this drop? Is the drop for new/unopened product, returned/used, or refurb units? It appears DJI won't honor warranties from non DJI dealers and Massdrop no longer offers the 1 year warranty unless stated. At least 1 post below indicated receiving a used product in a prior drop If that is the case, it would be better to order from DJI for a bit more money. I would consider buying a new drone at this price but not a used/returned/damaged unit.
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It went for $1300.   Which is a very good price for the drone as long as it is new product.   I will let you know what I get.   If there is an issue, the drone goes back.  
Awesome! Thank you very much! I really appreciate that! I hope it is new! Definitely is a good price! A really good price! Ah to true, if there is a problem, best to just return it. Thank for letting me know if it comes new or used to! Really appreciate that to :D! Finger's crossed that its new for you :)!
The MSRP is a bit off, DJI has them listed for $1,999 on their site ( no $3,099
Looks like the MSRP has been updated now
Well, I was contacted by Massdrop customer support, and they credited me for the retail cost of the two batteries that are DOA.

To be fair, it's probably not their fault the batteries are dead. The older firmware in the TB47 bats lets them discharge to a point they go into hibernation mode. Problem is when they're in hibernation, they can't detect when they're being charged. Firmware updates fix this, but you have to make a huge effort to trick the battery back into life.
With this version if one upgraded the camera is it identiCal to buying the upgraded versions or would it still be lacking other features
Hi Michael.d.haas,

It would be identical, one would need to purchase a zenmuse X5 or X5R along with this model to make it the pro version, aside from some black panels! The new style props and motors installed on the pro are the same on the v2.0, as well as the newly installed gimble mount, which is ready to receive the zenmuse platforms.
You also need the leg extensions to use the X5/X5R cameras with the Inspire 1 V2.0. $5 from DJI.
HI All,

Due to current competitive pricing in the marketplace, we have negotiated a better cost with our vendor to bring the community the lowest price possible. We have also extended the drop date so anyone who is interested at this lower price may participate! Cheers!
Finally, Massdrop shipped me an Inspire 1 V2.0. I went to pick it up last week, and finally made it home yesterday. It looked ok from a quick inspection, but upon opening the case, it appeared to be used. The plastic coverings on the controller and battery are torn up or removed.

On top of that, both the battery in the case and the spare I ordered are DOA. Worst part is that DJI repair says I'm SOL, because I didn't purchase from a DJI dealer.

Next visit home, I'm hiring an attorney. Anyone for a class action suit against Massdrop?
I didn't purchase my phantom 3 advanced from a DJI dealer but when testing something one of the motors went out of control and fried melting the body. They replaced parts that don't even fall under warranty/fixed it and sent it back to me free of charge.With that said you are not getting much of a deal buying an Inspire here on Massdrop at this price.
August 1, DJI announced that they wouldn't honour the warranty on DJI products unless purchased from an authorized DJI dealer. I've contacted two DJI authorized repair outlets here in Canada, and both told me I can't do anything except try and return the Inspire and batteries to the dealer I purchased it from.

It took almost two months to get the one shipped to me. If I try and send this one back, I may never see another one...
DJI world wide do only support DJI products by DJI authorized re seller's, if massdrop is not an authorized reseller, when you are on your own if something goes wrong, or you have to pay high, this unit is only 1900 USD on DJI website so why take the chanse
I have no idea why anyone would by this. The company support is virtually non-existent. There are a lot of problems.
I got great support from DJI when i had a problem.
Why is this drop more expensive than the last one? And without the option for an extra battery? What is this?
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