DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combosearch

DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo

DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo

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I don’t have the fly more combo but just the flame red version which I really line but in cities it does lose signal a lot but also in nature the in use reach is usually about 600 metres not 5 kilometers like they say
$904 on Amazon right now:
Oh pretty Drone, interested in a drone just around the corner before deciding which drone to get.
A year ago I bought the spark because it was less expensive and had a smaller bag footprint than the mavic. This is the perfect fusion of the two and I wish I had waited for this to come out.
Over price! $899.99 you can get the DJI Mavic Pro on Amazon. The Mavic air goes for like $300.
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You don't know that DJI is a Chinese company?
Oh shit no i didnt know that
Be weary about buying this folks.

If you're interested in a drone I'd wait until DJI properly announces the Mavic 2(already leaked), just around the corner before deciding which drone to get.

The Current Mavic Pro is pretty close to the same specs as the much newer Mavic Air, being a tight comparison. But the Mavic Pro 2 should be able to provide a much more significant comparison.
Who knows when the release date is? Could be a quite a few months away. Then what about any issues, which could take another few months to resolve...
Here's the thing, unlike the US, New Zealand's typical retail price for these are much higher than this. So if Massdrop would simply allow shipping to countries such as NZ, they would have way more customers than the 39 that have ever bought this in past drops. If I'm going to have to use a forwarding service anyways I might as well go for the cheapest option rather than buy here.
Even if they allow shipping to your country you'll still get hit with massive import duties when the items arrive. I'm in Canada, that's what it's like here.
This is a really easy to fly well designed drone. I bought it at the $999.99 MSRP in March and I am very happy with it.
Lol this is not on sale. $900 is msrp
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Thanks, I saw that. However the concerns of others posters talking about DJI warranty and having to buy via authorized distributors is what worries me.

Was hoping you would clarify that there should not be any issue w warranty items if purchased via MD.
This product will have full warranty and support from DJI.
When you buy items through massdrop, who is the vendor? How does the warranty work?
My favorite drone, yah!!!!
US shipping only.. why in the world.. sigh
$100 discount is *not* worth losing the manufacturers' warranty over. MassDrop, afaik, is not an authorized dealer and DJI will not honor the warranty.
In the ”Specs” section where it lists what’s included, it says DJI Limited Warranty. Hoefully MD can explain how this works if they’re not an authorized dealer.