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Any offers you can recommend for this guys on other sellers feel free to refer it thanks.
"As a token of our apologies, we have added $30.00 to your Massdrop account. "

A solid response from Massdrop, for a poor situation that was out of their hands.
Yep, Massdrop didn't properly vet their vendors but the $30 credit was a good move to make up for the disappointment. I wonder if those people who cancelled their orders before today would get their credit lol
If they didn't they soon be posting how Massdrop ripped them off.
Well all, I suppose we got our answer. The latest email just informed us that all our orders have been cancelled. It's been an interesting journey but I think we all walk away disappointed with this one.
canceled my order and ordered it through DJI along with DJI select! Shipped after 1 business day. All of my other accessories I've ordered have come in.

I have now canceled my order and ordered from an EBay authorized reseller for $930, and free shipping. I already have a tracking number and estimated delivery date of Saturday. Enough is enough. I love MD for smaller things. I have ordered many flashlights, knives, and other EDC stuff with no issue, but I am going to avoid the drones going forward!
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Yea after making an offer then it shows free. Thanks for the help!
Now just waiting for him to accept.
Glad to help. Yeah, the coupon was the next day. Did buy something else to take advantage of the coupon though. Oh well!
I wonder who the vendor is. Is it DJI themselves or a third party?
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Thanks for the info! That's helpful to know. I guess that means that it's likely that it wouldn't be coming from an Authorized Dealer.
It probably is coming from an Authorized Reseller. Just not DJI directly.
Cancelled my order this morning. Tired of not getting any good information regarding shipment. Savings does not justify the timeline or run around. Good luck to all that are waiting it out!
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I did the same. But I’m still checking the forums because of my fear that since I cancelled, itll ship before DJI does. For everyone still waiting, i hope you hear some good news soon
Yea, they have said that in both updates and it has been said here multiple times...
This is the reply I received today. I think it is time to cancel our orders.
As with most of you I am frustrated with the lack of communication from Massdrop on the status of our orders with the vendor, however I was reviewing some of the discussion boards from previous DJI drops and it looks like this isn't an isolated incident. With the DJI Spark Fly More Combo it looks like there were similar delays (up to 3 weeks) but they did end up shipping. I'm hoping for good news over the next few days.
This first Massdrop buy, but is this fairly typical for Massdrop to not give updates or take long time after the drop to ship? I'm kinda turned off on the process. The discounts aren't that great if we're waiting a month after a drop so receive our times. Maybe Amazon has spoiled me.
Amazon has spoiled everyone! I've even gotten to the point where I'll pay a few bucks more for something on Prime rather than a 3rd party vendor that ships with "normal" shipping.

I'm usually unimpressed with Massdrop's discounts, but I bit on this one, because it was $100. That's a good deal if you're in my situation and don't "need" the Mavic Air by any particular date.

I do sort of feel bad for those that were asking "can we get it by XXXX date, because I'm going on vacation that week!" But at the same time, you get what you pay for. In this case, a good discount, at the expense of likely poor, delayed delivery and service.
Could we please get an update on this order? We were told last week that we would receive tracking info early this week. I have not received any tracking info or an update on the order.