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DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle

DJI Mavic Pro Fly More Bundle

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

bought the Platinum pack. Everything came in 1 box and the batteries were the matching platinum color
came with in total 12 propeller blades 6 of each clock-wise/counter-wise blades.
3 sets are the silver tipped while the rest are gold tipped. all look the same shape wise to the platinum low noise propeller design all 3 batteries shipped at Half charge while the remote was completely dead and needed to be charged
after that first flight went smooth. cant wait to fly it more.
on another note. Massdrop shipped it by UPS surepost which took a little longer...
10/10 would buy this again if i had to. beats the full price
What's the estimated delivery date and is it possible to delay it? I'm asking because I won't be in the US until next month.
Shipping typically takes a while so you definitely have time.
mavic pro 2 is on its way out for sale soon
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you could be exactly right, there was a 2nd thread i saw an it had that 'sketch'' you talked about in it. the sketch was only used as a point of reference instead of the article being written just about the 'mystery sketch' id think end of summer we will see the new model and it will be released early an have issues just like the video game norm we have today.. i think they are phasing them out for the newer models in a slow roll out period an we just started teh down hill motion on the prices. ive seen alot of dji cert referb ones for 700 to 750 in the past month, even new ones 750 to 800 from time to time, check referb prices on drone only units (no controler etc) ive been watching prices on them for a few monthes now. google search tools and sorting results by past week or 24hours is a nice way to weed out all the 'old rumors' anyone have a donation one feel free to pm me ^^
one a side note , i wonder if we could find their production numbers by quarter on the mavic pro, sure thry kill the production before they release the new one, if i was motivated enough id look for the data im find it on some translated website
on the subj of drones i want this one an if you do not like drones i do not care you will be in awe of this beast quarter million lumen led on a drone its super neat, saw some company that has like 5 of these drones that follow you u use a phone app to set their formation or motion patern presets an off u go with ur your portable street lamps while u walk or drive, the idea for using them for search n rescue thats ingenious

tys for ur time on the subj man have a safe weekend peace

"Soon" is very relative. There is no solid date yet on it so nobody knows. It's all rumors
Please ignore most of the following. The title is deceiving, it is not the alpine white combo it is the fly more combo.
I'm sorry Massdrop but there is no need for you to have this up here.
$999 -
EDIT: So there is a slight difference. This drop is for the grey color, which I can't find at this price. If this deal for the platinum version ($150+) includes the platinum parts then that is a steal of a price... DJI has the platinum priced at $1399.
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You are absolutely correct. Thank you as it has made me join. :)
cool, im in too :D
Apple has same product, same combo for exact same price. Nothing special about this drop.
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So how was it? Di you really got just the drone or was it all just bs?
Yeah I returned it already.
13th has come and gone! News on the shipping?
any information about the shipping? it is already 13th.
These are brand new right? Not refurbished?
Cmon ppl this is a good drop!!! At list 100$ off the best price you could find out there!!!
So if the minimum number of 5 purchased is not reached , the drop is cancelled?
This is kind of a shitty drop.
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I have updated the specs sections to show each options included parts.
Well first off this drone is not even worth that price it's just because of DJI jacking the price up because they can.
white drone, white background. not a good idea
Shipping to EU countries will be done from US ?