DMT100B T-RMS Multimeter BT Android Dataloggersearch

DMT100B T-RMS Multimeter BT Android Datalogger

DMT100B T-RMS Multimeter BT Android Datalogger

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Why would I buy this here instead of, say, Amazon? Almost identically priced.
I keep encountering items on here that are available for the same or a lower price elsewhere. . Furthermore, it parades the same limited set of products on a constant cycle. Unfortunately, my beloved Massdrop has become just another retailer, except with absurdly long delivery times and an inventory that's out of stock 3/4 of the time.
Buy this direct from the manufacturer.
On certain things, I'd agree with you, but some things you can't find elsewhere. Caveat Emptor really applies when purchasing, especially as the discount they can give has basis in the deal that they can negotiate with the manufacturer.
So my two pennies worth; I use two of the meters for comparative readings (its not always time based do you know) and the SainSmart android app works in my phones android 5.1.1 (can setup recording intervals, period, save and recall data) but only one dmm data, not both - you have to pick a channel. The same app doesn't allow data capture or measurement setup in Samsung Tab A 2015 android 7.1.1 so I tried OWON's app in the Samsung and it allows data capture (still only one channel) and measurement setup (time between each measurement, overall period of testing before shut down, save and recall data as csv). I think the 35 dollar blue tooth OWON dmm does mostly the same thing minus the semiconductor testing (anyone still plotting Q curves?).
Could I safely test capacity of 18.0v rechargeable batteries (e.g. power tools) that have been in storage for years with this? I was looking at a cheaper Craftsman multimeter yesterday that could only test smaller batteries up to 9.0v. thanks
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I didn't confuse anything. I just don't trust multimeters from companies whose reputation is not well known to put user's safety first. That's all.
IIRC, Isn't the 1kv/750v AC the max it can handle for an extremely brief time and not what it can safely measure.
Still cheaper direct from the manufacturer. They go on sale FTTT; I paid $39.99 shipped in July. Pretty decent RMS meter, but I'd still use the FLUKE for higher potential. I got it mainly for the bluetooth functionality with Android. App works very well. I've had zero complaints and I'm a big complainer...
These are made in China meaning don't believe a single thing in specs about it if you wish to avoid getting hurt. They should be fine for low voltage messing around and projects, but please don't use them for anything serious that can potentially hurt you.
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Perhaps it came on like that, but there is very little origin bias on my part and I am well aware that huge number of things are produced in China both of high and shoddy quality. But you can not ignore that companies in China don't shy away from copying and abusing well known labels, most obvious example being "CE", "RoHS", "FCC" etc. My statement was there to warn people these can not withstand voltages and currents they state on labels. That's it. Am mostly worried someone might get hurt because it said CAT3 on multimeter. However I believe you are largely in the right and I should have linked the video in the first post as picture is worth thousand words.
I do agree there are a lot really shitty quality products from China, I think the mean reason about it is due to the large number of things they produce. simply put it this way... 90% bad products out of 100 products is still less than 10% bad products out of 1000 products...I think it is good for you to try to warn people, but the way you could do it can be improved. by point out where it is made should not be in the first thing or not even be a thing. you should just stay with the feels like you are saying this ' you have to be careful about those people, because they are black, they are more likely to do crimes' see the problems there? Anyway, I do appreciate that you talk like a civilized person and I really like that you do care about other people's well being and safety.
Just do yourself a favor and buy for $40 here:
Have to buy 5 of them to get it for $40, otherwise $58 from Chine, or $62 from USA.

I might bite on this.
I got the Owon version from Amazon - 55 bucks prime. AvE's review is awesome:

Works as promised. Wanted another meter but have a Fluke so was looking for something decent but inexpensive and had a frequency counter. Data logging is a bonus.
This is getting bloody rediclious, it seams every time I go to join a drop it "free shipping to the us" and the rest of the world can bugger off......
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sucks to be you..MURICA!!
Well in fairness it is a USA company that primarily ships for USA citizen's.
Just got mine. Took a few months to get here. App works perfectly on phone, comes with a set of probes. Not a bad meter.
Are the case and probes included here?
wont ship to Aus either. USA shipping only