Doktor A Figurine Bundle
Doktor A Figurine Bundle

Mr. Pumfrey and Chester Runcorn

Sculpted originally by Dave Pressler and Julie B, Mr. Pumfrey and His Astounding Mechanized Perambulator is a an intricate, detailed, and entirely astounding vinyl sculpture designed by Doktor A. Measuring at 8” tall, Mr. Pumfrey controls a gorgeously colorized, mechanized machine. Clad in a top hat and sporting a well groomed mustache, he expertly maneuvers his giant robotic creation. Featuring an elegant palette of coppers, maroons, greens, and brass, this is a one-of-a-kind piece essential for lovers of Steampunk. This is from an edition of 400 figurines

Designed by Doktor A and produced by Kuso Vinyl, Chester Runcorn is a 6” tall vinyl with a durable construction and a presentable aesthetic. This is from an edition of 300 figurines. 

Note: This is a bundle of two figurines designed by Doktor A: the Summer Saunter Edition of Mr. Pumfrey, and the Brandy Edition of Chester Runcorn. There are 50 bundles available.

Mr. Pumfrey

Chester Runcorn


  • Mr. Pumfrey - Summer Saunter Edition
  • Chester Runcorn - Brandy Edition


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