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Dominaria Booster Box

Dominaria Booster Box

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A Return to MTG's Iconic Original Plane

The Hour of Devastation has come to an end and the Gatewatch has been handed a tough defeat at the mercy of the horned one, Nicol Bolas. Together, Gideon and Liliana have stricken a pact to exterminate Belzenlok, the last demon holding her contract. And it’s all going down in Dominaria, the first set to follow the three-in-one model, which abolished blocks. Featuring designs from the legendary Richard Garfield—the first time he’s been on the design team since the original Innistrad block—the set has plenty of intrigue. Be on the lookout for cards like Broken Bond, Final Parting, and Settle the Score.

Dominaria Booster Box

Dominaria Trailer


  • Wizards of the Coast
  • 36 packs of 15 cards
  • Randomly inserted rare and premium cards


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Estimated ship date is Jan 24, 2019 PT.

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