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Doublewood Raw Selvage Denim Jeans

Doublewood Raw Selvage Denim Jeans

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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I was a member of the first drop for these jeans and I jumped at the chance for different styles! I love the original version from the first drop, and I can't wait to see how these fit!
Would love this but by the time I saw it, it was sold out in my size in the style I prefer. Would have bought it instantly, though.
those are way too tight for those models.
Will Straight fit be available on a future drop?
Is the narrow the equivalent of a Levi's 510 or 511 model jean? I wear 510 and they're perfect - after doing extensive research into the brand, reading the subreddit, other posts and responses, I'd definitely be down to buy these, but I definitely go for a very narrow cut. I know the site has super narrow sizing too so I'm interested in seeing if these may drop in super narrow in the future too.
Any comment on sizing, particularly for the super narrow style/fit. I.e. stay as close to measurements as possible vs. size down due to stretching. Thanks!
We would recommend staying to the measurement for super narrow style as there is only 2% spandex in the fabrics.
Family operated factory? Aw, at least they keep the kids with the parents in this sweatshop.
Shagatron Kids are only allowed to visit our workshop on planned family days =) That is if the young-lings are thrilled to see how a pair of jeans was being made from hand cut raw fabrics thru contrived sewing steps. Its also a good opportunity for them to see their folks honing their craft as livelihood. We regard this part as passing on the family heritage and essentially that's how we (as third gen) learned the process.
To address your comment on a more serious note, our Zhongshan factory have been in denim making for almost 3 decades. There's a coterie of experienced tailors specifically dedicate to work on this project. Our average craftsmen/tailors turn over rate is 8 years+, even considering the escalated blooming industry opportunities thru-out the Southern China in last decades. We always strive to provide a safe, open work environment as the exact opposite of sweatshop.
You maybe mis-informed, but Child Labor is still strictly prohibited in China.
In attempt to put things in demographic perspective, Zhongshan has been developed as one of the pillar capital in apparel manufacturing within CN. We believe well made goods can come from many different origins, and its always about the people behind the brand. With that said, we will always proudly stand by our jeans and the folks behind making them.

What happened to zipper crotches!?
megaloxana Zipper crotches (lol). We constantly think about Zip-Fly vs Buttom-Fly on men jeans; our current men styles are constructed in button fly for a more classic look, and for better fade pattern thru worn. Understood there's a preference for zipper, which we have been prototyping and perhaps will make it to a future batch. Stay tuned!
Really, I think it's because while zippers are easier to deal with, buttons flies are much more durable.  I've actually grown to prefer button flies now, because I can just button/unbutton the top two, and put on/take off my jeans.
Not the same styles but they have some pairs on their own website on sale for only $99. Also does anybody actually own a pair and want to defend paying this much for Chinese made jeans, when they get their denim from the same mill as Uniqlo? The "skilled group of artisans" doesn't really sell it when you have brands like bravestar doing the same thing but in the U.S. and for less money.
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Thanks for your comment.

The on sale pairs on our webshop were different styles (narrow and straight) and older batch. Literally there were only a few pairs left for each of them.

We do have similar impression/questions in previous drop event or when people first see our jeans were "made in China". I hope our previous reply ( can illustrate our take.

In short, our jeans were designed & prototyped in SF Bay Area and proudly crafted in a family-owned denim workshop in southern China which has over 30yrs denim making experience. We took pride in our craftsmanship along with the price point. (which for us is mainly because we also own the tailor workshop, in lieu of cutting corner through fabrics, details). We put together a pair of everyday jeans w/ finest selvedge denim fabrics & subtle but discreet details. For instance, our back pockets are backed w/ extra linens to avoid indigo bleed, our single felled inseam color varies per batch for distinction and also for a clean silhouette, hidden rivet, also we brought back the exclusive crotch rivet to pay tribute to the pre '50s Levi's for a classic look, chainstitch hemming & heavy weight belt loop for utilitarian look & a more interesting roping effect, every pair of our jeans will come w/ a 10oz unprimed dustbag for future worn jeans storage/ travel, every batch is limited production.

Again, we strive to offer a pair of solid (and yet still somewhat reasonably priced) denim that take a step further in terms of details/back story & passion, than the usual-chain-store type of denim. Last but not least, hopefully by reading through the following interviews from Heddals and Dutil will help people to understand our brand/story better.

@lmrklmrk, thanks for trying out our jeans. Feedbacks are always welcome!
Price seems steep for Chinese made jeans.
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I don't buy any clothing/knives/watches made in China. For clothing usually only American made denim. I wish Levi made jeans in the US besides the red tab, but they went for cheapness. I spend a lot on my clothes, but I like knowing the people making the clothing get paid well and don't undercut American makers.

Why not not just have the jeans made in Japan?
That's pretty cool that you're putting that much thought into your purchases, I've been doing that for a little while now as well.

As as for why not made in Japan, I think Doublewood posted about their reasons for working with this manufacuter in a past post.
Welcome back Doublewood Denim to Massdrop, everyone!

One of our best selling denim brands, we’ve partnered once again with our friends at DW to offer styles that are a little bit different and address the needs of our community members.

This time around we have two styles that exemplify two opposites in the needs of the denim community: a pair of good straight fit jeans with enough room through the top block for a more relaxed fit that’s great for built and/or bigger guys, as well as a great slim tapered jean with just enough stretch to give plenty of movement right from the get-go.

Please refer to the sizing charts for specific info on each style, and have at it!
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