Apogee Culinary Dragon Fusion Kitchen Knife w/BD1Nsearch

Apogee Culinary Dragon Fusion Kitchen Knife w/BD1N

Apogee Culinary Dragon Fusion Kitchen Knife w/BD1N

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Any idea on when this knife will be available again? I cannot find it anywhere!
Yes I am also very keen on picking one up. My Dragon fire 9.5 just turned up and I need more .
My knife just arrived, a week after the predicted arrival date but that's not really unexpected considering the knives hadn't been made yet at the time they were ordered. Considering this, 1 week is really very acceptable!

The sharpening at the very tip of the blade is uneven, but it's fully functional. It's hard to get the tip right when you're doing it by hand. That is really the only single thing I can fault on this knife. Maybe I'm used to lighter knives, but I don't know whether that's a complaint yet.
Ship date came and went today, is there any update on the drop?
I got a message it was delayed, but no explanation of the nature of the delay, a week, or a year... How hard can it be to tap out a message to explain?
Just want to add, this may be the greatest pizza knife ever. just glides through and the height keeps your hands away from the heat.
Would be good if we had the option to add a utility knife. Looking to add another 6 inch utility knife. That would help save a few dollars on shipping instead of doing 2 drops, especially for international buyers.
Already have the 10 and 8.5 inch chef knifes - they are awesome! The most used 6 inch utility has lost its scary sharpness but is still sharp enough to cut through ripe tomato cleanly and effortlessly.
I purchased on the last drop and have had this for a couple of weeks now. This is an awesome knife, and easily the equal of my Shun knives. Great feel in the hand, very versatile, and crazy sharp! I would definitely buy another, and will look at other knives in the Dragon/Yaxell line.
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Do you know why it is impossible to find these knives anywhere now? Any idea when you will have more anywhere?
The Fusion was given the honor of being the number 1 knife for 2017 on the YouTube channel burrfection. This caused a run on this particular Knife. Keep watching CUTLERY and Moore, they have some. We have more also coming in the next couple weeks, but you won’t see any for a while on Massdrop.
Cancelled my Stone knife that is on MD right now just to buy another one of these.

I couldn't resist using it last week.
And let me tell you.
This cuts through cooked and uncooked meats like Darth Vader cut Lukes hand off, no effort.

Now I will have two identical knives, one for me and one to share with my cooks under my supervision as I don't trust them enough to properly care for it or not cut off their fingers.

Thank you Deaomega1214
Thank you glad you love it
Interesting shape! I own a Yaxell knife already (Ran, damascus with VG10 core) which I like very much. Very good quality. Too bad this does not ship to my country (Switzerland) :'(
Just used mine for the first time. Sliced up a cantaloup - easy as pie. My wife was slicing tomatoes and having a devil of a time with one of our old cheap chefs knives. Handed her the fusion and she said, "It won't help. Tomatoes are just like this." The look on her face when this knife sliced straight through that tomato with no pressure was priceless. I bought this on a whim and now recommend it thoroughly. Deaomega1214 this is one hell of a knife!!
Thank you! I so appreciate you taking the time to write this.
Finally used it the last few nights, cutting tons of veggies including carrots and still able to shave thin slices off a tomato.
What a great knife.
Received yesterday, nice knife, feel like i want to buy the rest of the Apogee family, any new drops?
BrainFlush You are right, this knife feels amazing.

The weight is surprising for this blade size, one of those mind games when you first pick it up.

Deaomega1214 Please bring the rest of your lineup to Massdrop, I must have them all.
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Oops! Sorry about it. I'm not accustomed to reply system of massdrop.