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Dreadnought Double Edge Safety Razor

Dreadnought Double Edge Safety Razor

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Simplicity and Functionality

Dreadnought ‘Spartan’ Double Edge Razor is a crisp, classic design brought up to date with the benefit of precision engineering and modern manufacturing. A solid, hefty, handful of shaving equipment for use by anyone looking to get a great shave. Look after your Spartan and it will cheerfully outlive your shaving life and continue to work for your children. Between it’s award winning performance (named best wet shaving razor through About.com’s readers choice awards), longevity, low cost of shaving (double edge blades costs a fraction of cartridge prices), and ease of use, the Spartan safety razor is an obvious choice for the discriminating shaver.

Finally, maintenance is easy – every time you replace the blade fully dismantle your Spartan and wash thoroughly with warm water. A scrub with an old toothbrush will remove any stubborn residue. Dry thoroughly before assembling with a fresh blade. The Spartan accepts all standard safety razor blades.


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