Dromida SC4.18 RTR Brushless Stadium Truck 1/18search

Dromida SC4.18 RTR Brushless Stadium Truck 1/18

Dromida SC4.18 RTR Brushless Stadium Truck 1/18

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Is there a cheap/easy way to limit the speed of this for kids? I was looking at the brushed version for my 7yo daughter but for $10 more, this one would definitely be better down the line and probably be less maintenance in the mean time.
Hi Modestninja,
Dromida transmitters have a dual rate on the radio for throttle, one can limit the speed from 1-10, or a crawl to its advertised 25mph top speed. This makes it perfect to hand to a child and not worry about immediate destruction or injury!

Will these take 11v lipo?
This unit is on sale at Amazon for 99.99 with free shipping..
That is the brushed version. Brushless is $158. $150 at Tower.
Ah, thanks... I didn't realize that
I was hoping this drop would be the same price of $89.99 + $9.25 shipping, that was presented in 02-2016. :(.
When will we see this brushless 1/18 RC again?
It's back ;-)
Umm...MD, we have a problem. More pacifically, I've a problem. My truck stopped running after a couple minutes! And now it won't even power on. I thought the battery might be drained. So I charged it for a 3-4 hrs. And now when I turn it on, there is a green light and it beeps constantly and then powers down. Am I just a noob at this rc thing or is this an actual problem? Can someone please help me out?
Hi roshanNZ

Some more information is required to properly diagnose if this is an issue with the vehicle or not. The first thing it could be is a programming mode that has been turned on in the speed control. This vehicle has a low voltage cut off mode that enables it to use LiPo batteries. The battery that the vehicle came with is not a LiPo which would give you some trouble. Here is the link to the vehicles manual, please walk through the programming guide and make sure its in NiMh mode! If issues continue please reference manual for a reset and re-calibration of the ESC. http://manuals.hobbico.com/did/didm1002-manual.pdf
Thanks, bud. I will give this a go and report back. Cheers!
Hey guys, just got my dromida! Take a look. Off to bashing!
Have a BLAST!
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Eagerly waiting for this to arrive! My first RC anything.
So is the same as the one currently available on amazon for $92?
The one on Amazon is definitely the brushed version. This one is brushless, so it's not the same.