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Drysure Active & Extreme Shoe/Boot Dryers

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Fast & Effective Drying

Tired of damp and soggy shoes? Keep your feet cozy and dry with the Drysure Active and Extreme shoe and boot dryers. Designed to slide in like a shoe tree, the dryer has an ergonomic foot-shaped shell that houses a large packet of silica gel beads to soak up moisture. Able to dry your shoes almost entirely in as little as 4 hours, the packets also help eliminate bacteria and fungi that can cause odor and athlete's foot. After you’ve dried your shoes, you can reactivate the gel packets by placing them in direct sunlight, next to a heater, or in the oven to dry them out for later use. For even more moisture control, the Drysure Extreme dryers have a larger silica packet that can handle work boots, rain boots, and even ski boots.

Note: At checkout, choose the Active dryer in size small/medium or large (base price) or the Extreme dryer (+ $5). 

Model Options

Active – Black on Orange
Active – Black on Pink
Active – White on Black
Active – White on Blue
Active – White on Green
Active – White on Orange
Active – White on Pink
Extreme – Black on Black (+ $5)
Extreme – Black on Orange (+ $5)
Extreme – Black on Pink (+ $5)
Extreme – White on Black (+ $5)
Extreme – White on Blue (+ $5)
Extreme – White on Green (+ $5)
Extreme – White on Orange (+ $5)
Extreme – White on Pink (+ $5)


  • Drysure
  • Shell: Plastic
  • Silica gel beads
  • Dry time: 4–6 hours
  • Reactivation time: 1–2 hours
  • Reduces bacteria and fungal growth
  • Air-flow gaps
  • Easy-to-pull tab
  • No batteries required
  • Active small/medium fits EU sizes 36.5–41 
  • Active large fits EU sizes 42–47
  • Extreme fits all boot sizes


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