Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

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Ducky Quality at Massdrop Prices

This is the Ducky G2 87 Pro, an 87 key mechanical keyboard made to the industry's highest quality standards. This keyboard features dual layer PCB, plate mounted Cherry MX Mechanical switches, WASD backlighting, USB NKRO, and four Dip switches to customize functionality. It’s easy to see that this is one of the most full featured and high quality mechanical keyboards available.

Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Ducky Keycaps with Every Order

This keyboard also comes with an additional set of limited edition, ducky branded, side printed keycaps in either PBT or ABS. Ducky makes arguably the highest quality and most desirable keycap sets available. These keycaps alone retail for about $50 but we’re including them with your purchase of the G2 87 Pro, free of charge.

Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard
Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Fancy Functionality, Simple Use

We’ve told you about all the high end features on this keyboard, but how do they impact functionality? The dual layer PCB ensures greater longevity as well as flawless command transmission. Plate switch mounting (switches are mounted to a plate rather than just the PCB) increases durability dramatically since the stress of your rage-induced keyboard smashing is on a plate and not the PCB directly. Cherry MX mechanical switches feel excellent while typing and with three different types to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your typing style. NKRO means you can press as many keys as you want simultaneously and your computer will be able to read them without issue (very useful for games). And finally, those four Dip switches on the back allow you to customize your functionality an optimize for gaming, word processing in emacs, or use with OSX.

Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard
Ducky 9087 G2 Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Dip Switch Function

  • Switch One: Swap Left Ctrl and CapsLock
  • Switch Two: Swap Left Alt and Left Windows Key
  • Switch Three: Disable Windows Key
  • Switch Four: Switch between USB N-Key Rollover and USB 6-Key Rollover


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