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Ducky PBT Seamless Backlit Keycap Set

Ducky PBT Seamless Backlit Keycap Set

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I suppose it's for the Backlit fans that "1! 2@" madness got started. *sigh*
Does this fit the Das 4 Keyboard?
I just put these on my keyboard yesterday and I noticed the main keys are complete while the rest (ESC, F1 etc.) are split. The lights shine through pretty well on all of the keys but some of the keys coming in broken kind of defeats the purpose of getting these.
Just fitted mine. Nice clean set although the main keys (A-Z 0-9 and ALT) in my white batch are definitely not seamless - the rest are. I got a set of both the black and white ones and there's clear differences between them (and the photos used in the drop).

Minor thing but the black space bar also doesn't have any spots for the lights to get through (white one does).

I'm raising a ticket with support but would be curious to see any other sets people receive.
My black set does not come with a shinethrough space bar as well. I'm pretty disappointed about that.
I ended up returning the white set for a refund. The space bar in the black set was the only issue I noticed with that one but it's very strange for the sets to be so inconsistent. Incidentally I got my replacement white set from and everything is perfect.
I really like how the fonts are not "gamerfied"
I really want to buy this but doesn't have them up for sale right now. It says they're in stock, but you can't put them into a cart to purchase them. I've been stalking these for over a month now since they first showed on "to arrive" on What the heck? :( This might have to be my go-to since never responds to emails, never picks up their phone, nor on social media either. Sigh.
I have a question that I hope someone will answer before the drop ends, here's goes: does these or any doubleshot keycaps provide higher actuation force compared normal PBT kecaps? I would like your experience. I hope it doesn't because I like typing on heavy switches.
Because they're heavier, yes, it would affect the actuation force a little if you measure it, but personally I have not noticed any difference in use. The main difference is in the sound when bottoming out and in the feel.
Ducky come clutch with a clean af pbt keycap set.

Fucking lit.
If the caps costs $25 then this is really a better deal. has these for $39.99 as well so I don't see the point of this drop at $39.99.
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I've been keeping track of this and haven't been able to pre-order them but I don't know about you, have you had any luck? This seems to be the better option for now because obviously MK isn't working for me.

my post had been meant as an answer for GokieKS and not as an advice to order at MK instead of MD.
Regarding your question, i havn't ordered these keycaps anywhere, i'm a lot deeper down the rabbithole regarding keycaps.

Being from Germany MD is usualy hard to beat regarding price including shipping and i would prefer MD most of the time, because from my personal experience they had been an reliable partner regarding delivery and service when shit happened.

Other folks experience may be different and i'm not happy about everything that is happening here, but i can only speak for myself. MK might be a better/cheaper choice for US residents, if preordering is possible, i don't know, this is up to them/you.

pretty sure this will fit my topre realforce rgb - question is regarding texture. i lLOVE the texture of the stock double shot ABS on it. I also cannot stand the ABS texture of the Ducky Shine 4 I had. They were way too slippery.
Can anyone comment on how these might feel vs the ducky shine 4 ABS?
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I have a Topre RGB and this set is a very good alternative to stock. The texture is slightly more smooth, it basically feels like how the stock set felt after a couple weeks of usage.
They are pretty in between
Is this compatible with the new Ducky zero one 2?
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If it is Cherry MX it should be. What you need to look out for is the "Enter" key. Just do a visual look and you should be able to tell. Ducky key Caps are boss!
Sorry about that, their naming convention the One 2 was confusing already. Thanks for the info!