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i need this with green light
Please gawd I need this board. I requested, please make it be so.
Requested as well.

I'm still looking for a TKL w/ White LEDs and Black Switches.
I feel like White LEDs have the best all around features because you can change them with the color changers
I requested.
I can't find one with white backlighting and MX browns ANYWHERE. Please!
Same :(
How much did this go for?
oh my god pleaseeeeeeeee
I made a new poll with hopes of bringing this baby back! Vote if you want it - I really want it too! :')
Man I would love to score me a nice TKL board. I missed out on the poker II with blue/blue
Will there be another drop?
1% off....well I guess I'm going to NCIX.
What switch type is this last DS3 TKL for the bazaar?
I cant seem to find info.
Any chance this will be coming back? I really want a TKL or a be willing to drop $120.
limbo? mine just got here TODAY!
I want my keyboard... : (
Same here... no sign of it!!!
Dear lord its in limbo or something been a month now.
Hey Jooktwo - contact support. I did the other night and mine and a few other people's weren't in the order. They have already put in requests for a few more and they said they'd ship them to us ASAP. Mine has says shipped for a few weeks now and only cause I reached out to them that I found out they didn't get enough in.
Just got in contact with support they told me to wait till this Monday. Then they'll refund me which is beside the point of joining the drop at this rate :(