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Ducky Shine 4 Special Community Edition

Ducky Shine 4 Special Community Edition

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keyboard died all together.....
Waiting for massdrop to do another drop on this, hopefully based on the Ducky Shine 5 :)) #countmein
The LED to the NumLk key on my board died.
are you using the keyboard on a Mac by any chance? I thought that's what happened to mine (along with the Scroll Lock button), but it turns out it just never turns on when booted into OS X (even when using lighting effects that supposedly applies to all keys). Booted into Windows and they both lit up :)
I have a PC with Windows 10. Rebooting did the trick. Thanks!
Is it ever coming back ?? MD lacks high-quality full-size mechs. :(
I've got a mint one with blank keys if you're still interested in buying one.
About two years late, but do you still have the keyboard? I just killed mine with water :(
If anyone has a laser engraved edition they'd like to sell, I'm looking to buy. Skype name is fluxercry. I'm in Canada.
I have two of thesee for sale with blank keycaps my skype is j3avons if you are interested. i am in the UK
No news from massdrop on what is happening even after a few mails to support an waiting a week
I was able to get mine on the bazaar sale and I could not be happier. It's the first keyboard with Clear switches I've ever used and I am a fan!
The keyboard finally arrived at my house today in the UK.

Although I'm not used to the layout due to using a crappy Darkwraith keyboard for so long, I got to admit that this keyboard feels great to type on and the keycaps look superb.

The wait was long, but it was definitely worth it. Now I can finally praise the sun to my heart's content with my followers.
The keyboard did take far longer to ship than my expectation, or anyone's expectations really. On the bright side, at least it's now here.

I hope you enjoy your new keyboard when it arrives brave warrior, cause so far it's been magnificent to me.

Edit: Damn, that's quite unlucky. Oh well, you'll get it soon enough.
This keyboard is GODLY
Just got done fixing my keyboard the fact that the space bar was not the same, or greater switch weighting as the letter keys really did not work well with I just put a cherry grey switch in the brown spacebars place and man is it much better . Very happy with the drop thanks.
I ended up putting White Vortex PBT caps on this keyboard and moving the Blank Blue/Gray to another keyboard. The LED effects are just too awesome on this Shine 4, not to see them in my opinion. I first put black PBT caps but I really like the brightness with the white caps.
If anyone is interested in this setup, drop me an e-mail and we can work something out. I have one extra.
Well I'm out, so there will be another keyboard with Blanks going spare.

Thanks for processing my refund pretty quickly today Massdrop. Wish I hadn't had to wait a whole month though. Also wish I hadn't bought the Vortex PBT keycap set to go with this :(

They arrived pretty promptly lol
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What were wrong with the Vortex Caps? I'm considering buying them for this keyboard!
He wasn't saying that there was anything wrong with the Vortex Caps, not at all.

The problem is that he originally bought them for this specific keyboard, which still hasn't arrived to the UK after an entire month of shipping and thus had no choice but to get a refund.