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to anyone who is still interested in the shine mini there is another poll ongoing right now , just trying to spread the word.
Is there anywhere to get this apart from crossing my fingers and hoping for another drop?
droppppp please
can we please get a second drop on this, is it even possible?
this needs a drop asap
I need one of these in my life, drop please
Yeah I prefer to those. Since then though I've got a 660m 2016 and that is my favourite though technically not a 60% but a 66%. Pok3r that I had was dreadful and the HHKB while nice is far too light and while I love topre for typing I game as well and find them too slow.
Still very keen for this drop!
Will this drop again? Or do the requests just pile up till people lose interest or find the product somewhere else?
Thats what I'm wondering. I guess Ill hold out a little longer to see what happens.
I'd love to get my hands on one of these with some browns
I have one that 's YotH edition, brown switches. Let me know if you're still interested.
Got my first Mech for xmas, can't wait to buy this as my second. Gotta love 60%'s!
Please drop; this keyboard looks so dope!
Drop it like is hot.
drop again pleaseeeee
1353 requests. Please bring this back!
Fairly interested in this keyboard, how much did it go for?
I would like to know how people feel about this keyboard. Does everyone like it?
"owned them all" as in the 2 staples being an HHKB version whatever, and a poker version whatever? this bests them both?