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Dungeon Fighter Bundle

Dungeon Fighter Bundle

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Delve into Dungeons

Take on the role of powerful heroes and enter terrifying dungeons in Dungeon Fighter. Fight monsters, find treasure, and take on vicious enemies with a collaborative group of adventurers. This drop includes the base game on the Stormy Winds Expansion for additional adventure.

Note: This drop includes the base game as well as the Stormy Winds expansion. There are only 30 bundles available for this drop.

Dungeon Fighter Bundle
Dungeon Fighter Bundle
Dungeon Fighter Bundle


Dungeon Fighter is a cooperative dungeon crawler board game. It features a unique dexterity challenge mechanic. In order to kill monsters, you have to throw dice onto a target to do damage. Various challenges will affect how you must throw. Hit the target and keep a dextrous hand to emerge victorious in this game from Iello.

Dungeon Fighter Official Rules (PDF)

Dungeon Fighter Bundle
Dungeon Fighter Bundle
Dungeon Fighter Bundle

How to Play

A Storm is Brewing

The Stormy Winds is the air element game expansion for Dungeon Fighter with the other expansions themed around water, fire, and earth. Harnessing the power of the winds, heroes can now twist and storm their way through the dungeons for a far more gusty adventure! The expansion features new monsters, equipment, maps, final boss, and a new elemental die for even crazier rolls. 

Dungeon Fighter Bundle

Stormy Winds Overview


  • 1 four-part Target Board
  • 3 colored Hero dice
  • 9 white Bonus dice
  • 30 gold coins
  • 6 black Health tokens for the Heroes
  • 1 red Health token for the Monsters
  • 9 Hero sheets
  • 1 Monster Hit Point board
  • 2 double-sided Dungeon Map boards
  • 4 Bosses/Final Bosses
  • 1 Hero Party marker
  • 1 Party Leader token
  • 1 Chest token
  • 5 special power tokens
  • 6-level Tower with Scar tokens
  • 53 Item cards
  • 53 Monster cards
  • 1 rulebook


  • Players: 1 - 6
  • Playing Time: 45 - 60 min
  • Recommended for ages 10 and up


  • Base Game
  • Stormy Winds Expansion


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Estimated ship date is July 24, 2015 PT.

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