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Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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I got mine today. Seems to be nothing wrong with it at all. Two cables - USBC-USBC and USBC-regular. Immediately switched out stock caps for SA carbon. Gat browns, but it's way quieter than my Ducky One 2 with GB's. Love the feel, sound and look of it. One of my cheaper boards but definitely my favourite right now. 100% would recommend and would definitely buy another.
I'm posting this here in hopes someone @Durgod will see it and offer some advice on what can be done. Just got my 2 keyboards today. One with silver switches and one with blue. The silver one had a crack on the back and it was warped so bad it wobbled on the desk. The space bar also had a crack on the front of it. The blue ones space bar doesn't depress all the way. It looks like someone jammed it on when it wasn't lined up properly. Part of the keycap inside is busted where its supposed to sit onto the side support. Just got word back from massdrop that there is NO WARRANTY with these keyboards. My only option is a full refund. They can't send me replacement parts or units as they have nothing in stock. Worse yet, if these keyboards dies in a few months for whatever reason I'm SOL because there is no warranty. Both keyboards came wrapped in some sort of plastic with bubble wrap around them and in a larger box. I was expecting individual boxes but that's not a huge deal. The "dust covers" on both keyboards were also cracked and the instruction manuals were wrinkled to hell. This was my first purchase (second delivery) using massdrop. It's left a very bad taste in my mouth. I still can't believe there is no warranty. I'm going to see if I can do a partial return and just buy a replacement space bar for the blue one. It does feel really nice to type on and I would hate to send it back. Although with no warranty I might just send it back. I guess I need to sleep on it. I can upload pictures (i think) if anyone is interested.
wait, this thing is shipping by jan 04, 2019? bro. c'mon
ikr. this is gonna be my first mech keyboard and i hope it doesnt actually take that long
this inst my first rodeo, but i just dont want to wait that long. like ive never waited longer than a month for a package. kinda crazy.
Hello, do massdrop have nordic layout version for this keyboard?
Sorry, not yet
Love the key board. I've had the full size for half a year and haven't had any problems so far. The build quality on it is great. You're definitely getting your money's worth.
This is seems almost identical to my Ducky One 2 TKL, any specific reason for it?
I ordered two Durgod TLK keyboards from Amazon.ca. I picked the first one because it had back-lighting. The first one showed up as a dysfunctional keyboard. The manual stated that the keyboard is plug-to-play, but nothing would work after I plugged the keyboard into my computer.
Thus, I had to return the first keyboard. So much for priority shipping.
I couldn't order a replacement keyboard because the back-lighting option went out of stock immediately after I ordered it.
My second keyboard was delayed by a week although I chose priority shipping. When it showed up, it worked. However, all the wide keys (Ctrl, Shift, Enter, Tab, etc.) were mushy. The wide keys were not mushy on the first keyboard I ordered.
I was very disappointed in the quality of Durgod. I ordered the second one because of its white vintage look and the silver switches. However, when I returned to its page to order a replacement, it was out of stock too. I thought that was very suspicious.
I wouldn't recommend this keyboard to people because the quality is inconsistent. I bought two Durgod keyboards. One wouldn't turn on. And one had mushy wide keys.
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I have already wasted enough time waiting then returning two keyboards from you. I no longer trust your brand. Thus, I ordered a keyboard from Ducky, which is far more reputable than Durgod.
I'm sorry for the trouble. I'm very sorry for not serving you
Hi Everyone!
capsunlocked is currently organising a group buy for the ISO-UK version of this keyboard!
Here is a link to the store: https://caps-unlocked.com/durgod-taurus-k320-iso-uk/
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Can someone explain why this isn't shipping until October 23rd? When I placed my order through the drop there were none on Amazon, and now it's littered with them for ~$95. So I save $20, but for some reason I have to wait another month and a half to get my hands on it?
Can I get a refund on this drop? Not worth the wait to save $20.
I ended up getting it, the keyboard is great. Definitely worth a buy, but don't get it through Massdrop.
I should’ve done the research before joining this drop. I’m waiting 2+ months to save $9 (buying from mfr). I hope the board is worth the wait.
Finally arrived today in India after a wait of 2 months and 10 days. Had to pay an extra 30$ to clear customs in India. Keyboard is really good, my first Mechanical Keyboard. Only regret is I should have ordered the Black instead of the white color.


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Na, the white is cool as well... nice and retro.
Funny, I ordered via AliExpress and got it delivered to Pakistan. The customs here charged me $30 too. Great keyboard. I ordered the dark one. This is my first experience with PBT keycaps, but the last white keyboard I had got dirty fast.
Got this almost a year ago as a no-frills keyboard for work. Still going strong! amazing value for money as entry level mech keyboard, if you don't care for QMK and hot-swappable switches then there really is nothing better at this price range!! Thinking of getting a second one :)
Edit: Joined the drop then found it for 75.64 on GearBest.
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@GoodOutcome @newtonapple ebay is running a 15% promo code (happens every other month now, it seems) finally picked up a second one. bought from a US store, but you can find chinese sellers for as low as 60 EUR / 70 USD
That logo though.. -_-
I ordered this keyboard from Aliexpress and it should get delivered within the next week. Pretty excited.
How does this compared to the Ducky 2 (or 3, don't remember now) TKL I have?
And any option for German keycaps?
This board has great value for this price. I almost regret paying 137$ for KBP V80 TKL. At least what KBP has in favor are the MX Clear switches option and the compatibility for the aftermarket Alu case.
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Shitty stock keycaps, costar stabs. I had a hell of a time simply switching out the spacebar due to the stabs. My Varmilo, Ducky One 2 and even my Corsair Strafes type and feel much better. Plus my one has Speed Silvers and they actually felt like I had to hit them with twice as many nano-newtons or whatever the fuck unit of force in order to get them actuated. Ok, hate is a strong term. But I simply didn't want to use it anymore - I put Tai Hao Miami on it and handed it off to my 11-year-old who loves it. Threw in on this Durgod based on the reviews, it's GOTTA be better than KBParadise.
Plenty of people actually like Costar stabilizers.
My keeb was suppose to come on Thursday and it didn't. I got a tracking number by FEDEX but it was handled by USPS? The package never went to my apartment and I know I wont fit it my mailbox. I know this isn't Massdrop's fault, but I am extremely disappointed as this was my first order of off the site. I am trying to contact customer service on both ends and nothing yet. All I want is my keeb :(
This is called fedex smartpost they transfer it to the post office for final delivery, for future reference you can put the tracking number on the USPS site and it will give you info for delivery.
Hell ya bitch we got a fucking shipping label motherfucker!!!!!!!
anyone know what the MR key does? it activates with Fn+F12 and has an indicator toggle light labeled M. Doesn't seem to do anything observable on windows.
Switch customize profile
Anybody have a status update on shipping. I'm fucking antsy as shit.
They said estimated ship date was late August.
Wow just realized it says that on the drop...
During the last drop wasnt the price $69.99?
Joined! Opted for silver switches in the end! Cant wait for my first mechanical keyboard!!
Dumb question, but is the white version *white*, or vintage-eggshell-y like in the pictures?
It is white. The mod keys are middle-gray.
Dunno if i should get browns or silvers....?? the stwuggle
For those with a White Fox, how does it compare in terms of size and key spacing?
Just got mine yesterday, and I'm already considering joining this drop again to get one for at home as well.
It's hefty, but not too heavy, and the design is very simple (which I love). The font is somewhat unique, but not glaring or weird, and the white model looks really good. The keycaps feel really nice, and the backplate feels much better to type on than the one in my V60 I have at home - more solid and less plasticy. The case also has no give when you try to twist/bend it and feels extremely sturdy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it uses USB-C, comes with 2 cables, AND the cables fit perfectly and securely into the slot. They don't wiggle at all, so there's no chance of you bending the connector. Why other keyboards with detachable cables haven't done this yet baffles me after seeing that. If it holds up, then this thing is an amazing bargain at $75.
Some people were saying that the dark gray model isn't nearly as blue as the pictures, but the white model looks exactly as pictured to me.
Some very minor cons: The lettering on the lights between the arrow keys and navigation keys looks like it could rub off pretty quickly over time, but you shouldn't be touching these anyway, so I don't think it's a huge deal. Also, the cable is a different shade of white from the body, so if you need that to match EXACTLY, you might be annoyed. I don't stare at my cable all day anyway, so I personally am not bothered by this.
One nitpicky thing that I love about my V60 that isn't here is that you need both hands to use the audio keys on the F row because Fn is on the right side. With the V60, you can just put Fn on the left side and then press Fn with pinky + Z,X,C,V,B,N with fore-finger for audio controls. It's much more convenient than right hand finger on Fn + F1-7 for audio controls with left hand.
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The ship date was pretty much as stated in the drop description.
I have had this keyboard for a few months now. I love it.
Funny that you mentioned about the lettering underneath the lights. I just scratched the last one, and sure enough, it scraped off. Oops!
Can one use the Fn-key as Command-key on macOS?
Sure, with Karabiner Elements you can configure most of the keyboard keys.
Just got the board, there was a small defect with the switch on the Pause button, that caused the circular part of the keycap to get caught on the black part of the switch, which I fixed by using some pliers and bending the plastic out of the way... Other than that, very happy with it
very happy with this keyboard, but i kinda wish i waited for the full numberpad version. Also, compared to the photo in the listing, the alpha keys are a lighter grey without any blue tint. And the darker keys aren't as dark as shown in the listing.
Just got mine in! Absolutely loving it so far. The quality feels great. Probably the best keyboard I've ever typed on, so I am definitely happy with my purchase.
Only thing to note is that the space grey one looks vastly different than the one pictured. None of the keys are even remotely blue tinted like the pictures. Not a complaint as the actual keyboard looks great, just more of an observation. I would advise Durgod to take some new pictures in better lighting to capture the actual appearance of the keyboard.
I agree with the suggestion of better photos. I actually looked around to see if they sold a keycap set, based on the photos on the listing (I didn't find one). However, I wouldn't buy a keycap set based on the photos in previous user posts below (they're not bad, but I wouldn't buy them).