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Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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Hey Everyone! The ISO version of this keyboard is available on the capsunlocked website: https://caps-unlocked.com/durgod-taurus-k320-iso-edition/ The keyboard is available with ISO-UK, ISO-Nordic and ISO-DE layouts. The K320 ISO Edition can be ordered with either Cherry MX Black, Blue, Brown, Red or Speed Silver Switches.
i ordered this keyboard and realized it was a mistake. I tried to cancel the order but it wouldnt work. Then the drop ended and I was forced to order this keyboard. Is there any way that I can cancel my order?
I have this Durgod board, the RGB version of it, and the Red/Blue led version. I got them all within the past year. I've noticed a very rare and random issue with at least two of the boards, the RGB and then either the Red/Blue led or this one. It's only happened while gaming - but my keyboard will randomly, like, "lock up" and the last keys I pressed will just continually be held down (usually wasd) and no other inputs will work - I have to manually unplug and replug the usb cable back into the kb for it to go back to normal. This has happened maybe a total of five times over the year. It's extremely frustrating how random and rare it is. This has also happened with two completely different computers - one of which is brand new (i9 9900k), so I'm not sure if it's really a hardware issue on my end as there was no shared hardware between the two. Both computers were running Win 10. Any ideas?
Ive had a normal (grey) k320 and also had this problem. (bought from aliexpress) It happened more often for me tho, specifically when a custom profile was loaded via fn f12 iirc, I cant recall it happening in normal mode.
Hi, I'm new to massdrop, and want to buy my 1st mech keyboard. I need keyboard about 35 cm in length and I prefeer it to be silent. I found two options : this one with cherry red, or magicforce 68 with gateron brown. What do you advice?
I own this KB. Just a small opinion. The stabilizers are sooo goood. IDK if it's only my sample (lubed it right away), but I don't hear any springs at all, only the bumps done by brown switches. Compared to my brown poker, it's way more silent, and I actually liked the dampenders alot more on this keyboard. However, the programmability is.. restricted? I couldn't get my common "caps as fn, ijkl arrows" layout (maybe I did not pay enough attention to it). There are macros, but do not expect to map everything as you typically do on other keyboards IMO, a great keyboard for it's price. I currently use it in the office, and noone yet told me it's loud (as it was with my poker)
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Also I don't see anything like Poker's function layers, so it does not seem possible to remap IJKL as arrows... I's say you should check something more "programmable" out, but it may be more expensive.
Thanks for taking the time to test this out for me. I went with the Massdrop CTRL keyboard. It does exactly what I want and is easy to configure.
I'm wondering if the keyboard itself can have different layouts and macros programmed into it so that it remembers them and I can access them without having to install software on each computer that I use. I work on a combination of Windows, Ubuntu, ChromeOS, and MacOS computers and find myself wanting a little more from my keyboard. I searched for programmable keyboard and I've ended up here. I see this computer has something called Zues Engine Software that lets you customize the keyboard. A search for that leads to a Youtube video demonstrating neat lighting effects but not really what I care about. I see that the Ergodox-EZ does exactly what I want but I'm not looking for something of that price or design as I will be taking my keyboard with me throughout the day and will sometimes have it on my lap. This keyboard, and several others of similar form factor and physical key layout, such as the Ducky, are exactly what I was looking for physically. This price point is nice too. As long as I can program the keyboard and use some sort of key combinations to change layouts or perform macros on any computer, this seems like it is exactly what I was hoping to find. Thanks for any help.
BUY THIS KEYBOARD. UNLIKE ANY BOARD IVE FELT. The genuine cherry stabilizers make all the difference.
I already have one of these from a previous drop. I would like to buy a second one but sadly there is no Silent Red option, why is that missing? I know that this keyboard does exist with Silent Red (check other shops). Is it possible to add this option? I really hope for an answer, does not matter is the answer is no...
This. Where are the silent red keys? :-(
Received Durgod white with brown switch. It's the best quality keyboard I have ever owned (two Filco majestouch, one Varmilo, Realforce and Plum 87). Varmilo is a close second.
Can I plug a wired mouse into it?
This board does not have a USB-HUB function, so there is no extra port you could use to plug in a mouse and use it together with the board. But... If you have a USB-Type-C wired mouse, you could plug this mouse into the Type-C port of the board. So technically you can plug in a wired mouse into the board but in this case neither the board nor the mouse would have any functionality...
Is it possible to get the keyboard with silent red switches?
A couple of months later for this second review. Highly - HIGHLY recommend this keyboard. I have Varmilo, Corsair, Ducky, Magicforce, KBParadise and Durgod keyboards here and can say that the Durgod with gat browns is actually my favourite to type on, with the MF running a real close second. I have SP SA Carbon on it and the keys give a very satisfying thock to them. Absolutely worth the $70. I have a second Durgod - the K320 Nebula - en route right now. Only thing I dislike is that piece of crap DURGOD logo right on the front. Move it to the back, guys, at least - PLEASE? Like Ducky did.
This might sound like a stupid question but is there any way to speed up shipping. Its getting to the point where I would be willing to pay money just to get it next week, not in 2 months...
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That’s rad! I’d love to know your thoughts on it.
Pretty solid keyboard with genuine cherry browns. The keyboard has very good build quality and a bit heavy. The actual key caps are PBT and very nice to the touch. It has a type C outlet and it comes with 2 cables. One Type-C and USB, and another with both type-C, so you could potentially use it with a device that supports it. Color scheme is great and it looks very minimal. Overall I would say 9/10. The only complaint here was the shipping. (First order here at Massdrop so not really used to 1 month shipping, though I do understand the reason why)
I got mine today. Seems to be nothing wrong with it at all. Two cables - USBC-USBC and USBC-regular. Immediately switched out stock caps for SA carbon. Gat browns, but it's way quieter than my Ducky One 2 with GB's. Love the feel, sound and look of it. One of my cheaper boards but definitely my favourite right now. 100% would recommend and would definitely buy another.
I'm posting this here in hopes someone @Durgod will see it and offer some advice on what can be done. Just got my 2 keyboards today. One with silver switches and one with blue. The silver one had a crack on the back and it was warped so bad it wobbled on the desk. The space bar also had a crack on the front of it. The blue ones space bar doesn't depress all the way. It looks like someone jammed it on when it wasn't lined up properly. Part of the keycap inside is busted where its supposed to sit onto the side support. Just got word back from massdrop that there is NO WARRANTY with these keyboards. My only option is a full refund. They can't send me replacement parts or units as they have nothing in stock. Worse yet, if these keyboards dies in a few months for whatever reason I'm SOL because there is no warranty. Both keyboards came wrapped in some sort of plastic with bubble wrap around them and in a larger box. I was expecting individual boxes but that's not a huge deal. The "dust covers" on both keyboards were also cracked and the instruction manuals were wrinkled to hell. This was my first purchase (second delivery) using massdrop. It's left a very bad taste in my mouth. I still can't believe there is no warranty. I'm going to see if I can do a partial return and just buy a replacement space bar for the blue one. It does feel really nice to type on and I would hate to send it back. Although with no warranty I might just send it back. I guess I need to sleep on it. I can upload pictures (i think) if anyone is interested.
Why wouldn’t you just get a refund wtf. I know this is 8 weeks ago but I’m honestly trying to figure out why that wasn’t the first thing you did.
Why do a full refund when all I need is a spacebar? This was a good deal and I didn't want to refund the whole thing and not have a keyboard. More to the point people need to realize there is no WARRANTY on these things. So if they stop working the day after you get them you are SOL.
wait, this thing is shipping by jan 04, 2019? bro. c'mon
ikr. this is gonna be my first mech keyboard and i hope it doesnt actually take that long
this inst my first rodeo, but i just dont want to wait that long. like ive never waited longer than a month for a package. kinda crazy.
Hello, do massdrop have nordic layout version for this keyboard?
Sorry, not yet
Love the key board. I've had the full size for half a year and haven't had any problems so far. The build quality on it is great. You're definitely getting your money's worth.
This is seems almost identical to my Ducky One 2 TKL, any specific reason for it?
I ordered two Durgod TLK keyboards from Amazon.ca. I picked the first one because it had back-lighting. The first one showed up as a dysfunctional keyboard. The manual stated that the keyboard is plug-to-play, but nothing would work after I plugged the keyboard into my computer.
Thus, I had to return the first keyboard. So much for priority shipping.
I couldn't order a replacement keyboard because the back-lighting option went out of stock immediately after I ordered it.
My second keyboard was delayed by a week although I chose priority shipping. When it showed up, it worked. However, all the wide keys (Ctrl, Shift, Enter, Tab, etc.) were mushy. The wide keys were not mushy on the first keyboard I ordered.
I was very disappointed in the quality of Durgod. I ordered the second one because of its white vintage look and the silver switches. However, when I returned to its page to order a replacement, it was out of stock too. I thought that was very suspicious.
I wouldn't recommend this keyboard to people because the quality is inconsistent. I bought two Durgod keyboards. One wouldn't turn on. And one had mushy wide keys.
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I have already wasted enough time waiting then returning two keyboards from you. I no longer trust your brand. Thus, I ordered a keyboard from Ducky, which is far more reputable than Durgod.
I'm sorry for the trouble. I'm very sorry for not serving you
Hi Everyone!
capsunlocked is currently organising a group buy for the ISO-UK version of this keyboard!
Here is a link to the store: https://caps-unlocked.com/durgod-taurus-k320-iso-uk/
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Can someone explain why this isn't shipping until October 23rd? When I placed my order through the drop there were none on Amazon, and now it's littered with them for ~$95. So I save $20, but for some reason I have to wait another month and a half to get my hands on it?
Can I get a refund on this drop? Not worth the wait to save $20.
I ended up getting it, the keyboard is great. Definitely worth a buy, but don't get it through Massdrop.
I should’ve done the research before joining this drop. I’m waiting 2+ months to save $9 (buying from mfr). I hope the board is worth the wait.
Finally arrived today in India after a wait of 2 months and 10 days. Had to pay an extra 30$ to clear customs in India. Keyboard is really good, my first Mechanical Keyboard. Only regret is I should have ordered the Black instead of the white color.


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Na, the white is cool as well... nice and retro.
Funny, I ordered via AliExpress and got it delivered to Pakistan. The customs here charged me $30 too. Great keyboard. I ordered the dark one. This is my first experience with PBT keycaps, but the last white keyboard I had got dirty fast.
Got this almost a year ago as a no-frills keyboard for work. Still going strong! amazing value for money as entry level mech keyboard, if you don't care for QMK and hot-swappable switches then there really is nothing better at this price range!! Thinking of getting a second one :)
Edit: Joined the drop then found it for 75.64 on GearBest.
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@GoodOutcome @newtonapple ebay is running a 15% promo code (happens every other month now, it seems) finally picked up a second one. bought from a US store, but you can find chinese sellers for as low as 60 EUR / 70 USD
That logo though.. -_-
I ordered this keyboard from Aliexpress and it should get delivered within the next week. Pretty excited.
How does this compared to the Ducky 2 (or 3, don't remember now) TKL I have?
And any option for German keycaps?
This board has great value for this price. I almost regret paying 137$ for KBP V80 TKL. At least what KBP has in favor are the MX Clear switches option and the compatibility for the aftermarket Alu case.
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Shitty stock keycaps, costar stabs. I had a hell of a time simply switching out the spacebar due to the stabs. My Varmilo, Ducky One 2 and even my Corsair Strafes type and feel much better. Plus my one has Speed Silvers and they actually felt like I had to hit them with twice as many nano-newtons or whatever the fuck unit of force in order to get them actuated. Ok, hate is a strong term. But I simply didn't want to use it anymore - I put Tai Hao Miami on it and handed it off to my 11-year-old who loves it. Threw in on this Durgod based on the reviews, it's GOTTA be better than KBParadise.
Plenty of people actually like Costar stabilizers.
My keeb was suppose to come on Thursday and it didn't. I got a tracking number by FEDEX but it was handled by USPS? The package never went to my apartment and I know I wont fit it my mailbox. I know this isn't Massdrop's fault, but I am extremely disappointed as this was my first order of off the site. I am trying to contact customer service on both ends and nothing yet. All I want is my keeb :(
This is called fedex smartpost they transfer it to the post office for final delivery, for future reference you can put the tracking number on the USPS site and it will give you info for delivery.