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Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Keyboard

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Hi Everyone!

capsunlocked is currently organising a group buy for the ISO-UK version of this keyboard!

Here is a link to the store: https://caps-unlocked.com/durgod-taurus-k320-iso-uk/

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Can someone explain why this isn't shipping until October 23rd? When I placed my order through the drop there were none on Amazon, and now it's littered with them for ~$95. So I save $20, but for some reason I have to wait another month and a half to get my hands on it?

Can I get a refund on this drop? Not worth the wait to save $20.
I should’ve done the research before joining this drop. I’m waiting 2+ months to save $9 (buying from mfr). I hope the board is worth the wait.
Finally arrived today in India after a wait of 2 months and 10 days.
Had to pay an extra 30$ to clear customs in India.
Keyboard is really good, my first Mechanical Keyboard. Only regret is I should have ordered the Black instead of the white color.

Got this almost a year ago as a no-frills keyboard for work. Still going strong!
amazing value for money as entry level mech keyboard, if you don't care for QMK and hot-swappable switches then there really is nothing better at this price range!!
Thinking of getting a second one :)

Edit: Joined the drop then found it for 75.64 on GearBest.
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GoodOutcome newtonapple
ebay is running a 15% promo code (happens every other month now, it seems)
finally picked up a second one. bought from a US store, but you can find chinese sellers for as low as 60 EUR / 70 USD
That logo though.. -_-
I ordered this keyboard from Aliexpress and it should get delivered within the next week. Pretty excited.
How does this compared to the Ducky 2 (or 3, don't remember now) TKL I have?

And any option for German keycaps?
This board has great value for this price.
I almost regret paying 137$ for KBP V80 TKL.
At least what KBP has in favor are the MX Clear switches option and the compatibility for the aftermarket Alu case.
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Shitty stock keycaps, costar stabs. I had a hell of a time simply switching out the spacebar due to the stabs. My Varmilo, Ducky One 2 and even my Corsair Strafes type and feel much better. Plus my one has Speed Silvers and they actually felt like I had to hit them with twice as many nano-newtons or whatever the fuck unit of force in order to get them actuated. Ok, hate is a strong term. But I simply didn't want to use it anymore - I put Tai Hao Miami on it and handed it off to my 11-year-old who loves it. Threw in on this Durgod based on the reviews, it's GOTTA be better than KBParadise.
Plenty of people actually like Costar stabilizers.
My keeb was suppose to come on Thursday and it didn't. I got a tracking number by FEDEX but it was handled by USPS? The package never went to my apartment and I know I wont fit it my mailbox. I know this isn't Massdrop's fault, but I am extremely disappointed as this was my first order of off the site. I am trying to contact customer service on both ends and nothing yet. All I want is my keeb :(
This is called fedex smartpost they transfer it to the post office for final delivery, for future reference you can put the tracking number on the USPS site and it will give you info for delivery.
Hell ya bitch we got a fucking shipping label motherfucker!!!!!!!
anyone know what the MR key does? it activates with Fn+F12 and has an indicator toggle light labeled M.
Doesn't seem to do anything observable on windows.
Switch customize profile
Anybody have a status update on shipping. I'm fucking antsy as shit.
They said estimated ship date was late August.
Wow just realized it says that on the drop...