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Dwarf Factory Miracle Island Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory Miracle Island Artisan Keycap

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

I'm mad at myself for missing this drop :'(
shit. you and me both
These look AMAZING! Can’t wait to make my Anne Pro 2 look that much better !
Can't wait until Felix comes!
I hope these ship earlier than expected. :)
We are pre-producing some of the colorways now which would help to ship them out before Mar. We will try our best
Why must everything you guys make, drain my wallet!?
Couldn't resist, put me down for 2. Ha
which one is this? The bug looks red to me but the fairy mountain one in selection is orange. For Chrismis, one show the head is orange and the other one is black. What are we getting for the final version?

Sorry for made you misunderstood. The Chrismis will have a black head for final version Also the bug in fairy mountain is red. I was screw up with white & color balance :'(
Thanks for the reply. You might need to label it somewhere since it might lead to false advertising.
Does it end on Friday or after Friday , because i don’t get paid until then & i really want to buy one. Please answer
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1/11 7:59 is utc time. Pst is -8. So it is 1/10 11:59pm.
Oh, I'm in est. So, that should be 2:59am on 1/11.
I wish that the Lucky Springs had the Crismish bug in it. Would be the best one for me...
Sometime we have to made choice in our life :'( . Sorry about that.
i know lol. Red is my fave color plus I think the bug's behavior (in real life) is cooler. But the color pallet of the lucky springs is way more mesmerizing.
How would these appear on backlit keyboards?
It's only shine through the outside like this :D

Ooh, that does look beautiful. I'm in! :D
This is not why your Mom wanted you to go to college.
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My nose overshadows my insecurities, though. So, there's that.
Things could alway be worse...

This maybe a silly question, but will they fit Kailh Box switch?
we not guarantee they will fit Kailh Box. We only test R1, the one not cracking GMK and SA maxkey.
Thank you for replying, I looked on the internet, it seems the box stems are a tiny bit thicker than MX cherry. It may crack GMK, but seems fine for most switch cap. Anyway they look too nice to pass.
Do you ship outside of the USA ? EDIT: Let me rephrase, any chance of shipping to a country not currently on the list?
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Any chance of shipping to South Africa? These would be the first artisans I ever buy but damn they're gorgeous and I cannot miss out on it. They're everything I have been looking for...
We are not sure that whether Massdrop will ship it to Africa, you can search around to see if there is any way for it
I never wanted to change my key caps but these are simply amazing. I have no idea what to make of the SA profile though, would these fit my DAS 4 keyboard?
People usually use artisan on some specific slots on the keyboard where you rarely lay your fingers on, like Print-screen,.... Sa profile height is 18.1mm, which is almost 1.8 times compared to OEM & Cherry profile
Good keycap almighty these are sooooooooooo pretty!!!! Curse my luck that I'm not rich. :-(
Thank you so much!! Just one can make your whole board different xD
we are not even at week into the new year but I’m already broke, 10/10 will go broke again
Looks amazing! But I probably won't be joining simply because I don't own any SA profile sets. Are there going to be any Cherry or OEM profile artisans offered in the future?
we used to have Demonic Rosa, which is KAM profile - same height with OEM R1. Anura and this Miracle Islands is hard to made for cherry or OEM due to lack of height ._. But surely we not only made SA profile keycap, you can follow our Instagram @dwarf.factory to see more project update from us
Do you plan on bringing back Demonic Rosa? I want it so bad and i missed the drop :(
Wow, instant buy for me! Grabbed an Occulus and a Felix. Had to stop myself from getting all 7.
I just bought some holy pandas and I just bought the Craftkeys wrist wrest.... must ....resist.
Dats purty
bring back the dwarf factory tank key that was pulled!
We will, after we fix and update that model 😉
Loving my Dwarven Chest, would enjoy seeing more caps in the same style!
These are beautifully done!
Now i just need a dreaded SA keycap set
In practice, still possible to go with other profile keysets, so long as you are using these fancy bits in the upper rows of non-compact keyboard layouts; Esc, Numlock, F-Row, etc.
True, but im a compact 60% or 65% guy :(
Massdrop really knows how to space these keycap drops out. Just far enough apart so I don't know how much I'm truly spending
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oOoOooOO - keep the ideas coming
Uhhh uhh.... Kizer/WE knife of the month club?
Ohhh boi, RIP my wallet. And the year didn't even start yet!
new year new wallet
dwarf factory has definitely reached jelly key quality it seems. And the price is even better
I don't believe they are quite on the same level, but close enough I guess.
Equally intricate, different goals. Dwarf Factory seems to be more about the dioramas than the artistic swirls of Jelly Key, especially their more recent entries. At least with regards to both companies producing a 'natures fantasy' genre of artisans.
great price for some good looking keycaps :)