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Dwarf Factory PAM Artisan Keycap

Dwarf Factory PAM Artisan Keycap

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Does it work with Razer switches?
razer switch is compatible with all keycap using mx cherry cross stem. So it can.
Would these artisan key caps fit my key board? Because it features kailh red switches... I think it won't. But still hestiating to buy these key caps. These key caps really looks awesome... Can't resist to buy....ouch!
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We have paper box packaging for each individual keycap
Thx you for your reply. Already joined for all 7 keys :)
bought this then realised it wont fit my key bored xD looks like ill need a new key bored
Scooped up the Polar one!
Does anyone know if these fit into realforce RGB ?
It can fit into Realforce RGB, they use cross stem just like cherry MX :D
.... take my money
So sad this doesn't ship to Brazil... I would love to buy 1 or 2.
i think proxy may help
I'd buy all 7 if these were OEM profile. Loved my demonic rosas.
Gotta try out best to create more stuff in OEM & Cherry profile
Panzer I got from them directly. Certainly like these!

I have Mustang and Stark as well as the new limited edition (wait, aren't all of these limited edition?) lava tank. They really are gorgeous. I need to quit buying so many damn artisans...
Yeah..Artisians got me too.. Recently got a Demonic Rosa, and two Spooky Fossile as well. Cant wait to get more. :3
Hi, could you direct me to the PANZER keycap? Which one of these is the PANZER? PANZER PANZER PANZER? PANZER PANZER PANZER!
It's PA-2. You can guess why it have that name XD
I was thinking to myself, self: how cool it would be if they threw in a special gift for the people who chose to buy the full set. Oops! did I say that out loud?
Really awesome the detail is amazing. Having a hard time deciding between Mars and Quicksand.
Ok, this time I went for all 7! Seemed like a good deal that probably wont ever get better. Been wanting the tanks for a while now and the rovers were new to me so had to grab the whole shi-bang!
The quality of their Demonic Rosa was phenomenal! No hesitation for me on this one.
thank you for your great feedback <3
Agreed! Going to be watching for every keycap dwarf factory drops for now on. Hoping for something coral reef themed but it’s probably a long shot 😬

Is this a one time ever drop?
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i think this always happens with mechanical keyboards...
lol my key caps just passed the price of my keyboard... and no sign of stopping
Even adding to the variety! Still look amazing.
Been waiting for a while for these lil fellers. Finally, take my money!
These are finally getting released after they were taken down? Fantastic!
The colorway is great , I'm really digging the 2nd and 4th artisan in the banner but honestly some design are hard to read on the photo. Maybe it's better irl but if I didn't know those were tank or panzer or whatever you call them I wouldn't be able to guess.
OMFG. These look amazing!